Notification of Protection of Pay from Higher Post to Lower Post Sindh

Government of Sindh, Finance Department has issued letter on 24-12-2019 in connection with Protection of Pay from Higher Post to Lower Post. Detail is as under:


Protection of Pay from Higher Post to Lower Post (Pay Scale)


I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to state that according to Finance Department Policy circular No.FD-SR-I-I(30)/83, dated 16-06-1987 whereby it has been decided that in the cases of direct appointment the Pay will be fixed at higher stage if the new post carries higher pay scale than old post and at an equal stage if the two posts carry the same pay scale.

  1. Besides above said circular a provision of Rule 41(a)(iii) of Sindh Civil Service Rule Manual VoI-I, provides”.

“When appointment to the new post is made on his own request under Rule 22(s)

And the maximum pay in the time-scale of that post is less than his substantive

pay in respect of the old pay, he will draw that maximum as initial pay.”

  1. Furthermore, the above Rule Provision is not applicable for the Government Servants recruited after

31st March, 1936 as envisaged in rule 42 ibid.

  1. In view of above, it is clarified that there is no provision in existing policy circulars to provide pay protection from higher grade to lower grade and such type of permission, if any has been issued, may be treated as cancelled / withdrawn and payment made against such permission may be recovered/adjusted, in installments.


Protection of Pay from Higher Post to Lower Post

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4 thoughts on “Notification of Protection of Pay from Higher Post to Lower Post Sindh

  1. Greetings,
    As I worked as Junior Clerk (bps 11) in district & sessions court and now I have joined Primary School Teacher bps-14 in SE&LD. Do I need to apply for pay protection as my basic pay in previous dpt was lower than the current one. But I were given more allowances in the previous dpt.
    Besides this will I be given any other benefits such as GP funds etc. Kindly guide me in this regard and if there is anything else I need to know about.
    Thanks in anticipation

  2. AOA
    I was appointed as Assistant Director (bps-17) in sindh government through sindh public service commission in 2016. Then I qualified for the post of Inspector (bps-16) in sindh police and I applied for the post of Inspector (bps-16) through proper channel and was relieved from the department in order to join police department.
    In my case will I get PAY PROTECTION as my case is Higher grade to lower grade?

  3. AOA, I was selected and appointed in BS 18 as law Officer in 2010 on regular basis in provincial service but later on after having 9-1/2 years regular service again appointed through PPSC in the same scale in the same department having same assignment with better allowances but with different designation through proper channel, would I be eligible for time scale in BS 19 as per FD Notification.


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