Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Peshawar (Fare, ZU Card, Ticket)

ZU  (let’s Go Peshawar) is an international standard bus rapid transit system for the city of Peshawar. Experience of traveling on ZU Bus has unique facilities for the only metropolitan city of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Peshawar (ZU)

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  1. How to Pay Bus Fare?
  2. Fare Rates
  3. How to Get Ticket?
  4. How to Get ZU Card?
  5. What is ZU?
  6. Schedule of Buses
  7. How to Start Journey?


BRT Peshawar Try Again


The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa stopped the BRT Bus Service in Peshawar due to some technical issues. Now once again Zu card sale, the company has started. The travelers should follow the coronavirus SPSs while traveling. The company once again launching the service with effect from 25th Oct 2020. So try again.


How to Pay BRT Bus Fare?


  • ZU Card
  • ZU Mobile App
  • One Way Journey Ticket (Only available at BRT Stations)


How to Get ZU Card?


  • You can get ZU Card from Ticket Office or Ticket Vending Machine
  • Get Free ZU Card on Top Up of Rs. 100/-
  • Initially on the basis of first come first get, 100,000 cards will be distributed free of cost
  • One person can get only one free ZU Card
  • Generally, you can get a ZU Card at the cost of Rs. 150/- from nearest ZU Station or Ticket Vending Machine


How to Buy BRT Ticket?


You can get a one-way ticket from the ticket office or ticket vending machine.


Fare Rates of ZU Bus Service


Sr. No Distance (Kilometers) Required Fare (Rupees)
1 Upto 5 KM 10 Rupee
2 5.1 KM to 10 KM 15 Rupees
3 10.1 KM to 15 KM 20 Rupees
4 15.1 KM to 20 KM 25 Rupees
5 20.1 KM to 25 KM 30 Rupees
6 25.1 KM to 30 KM 35 Rupees
7 30.1 KM to 35 KM 40 Rupees
8 35.1 KM to 40 KM 45 Rupees
9 40.1 KM or more 50 Rupees


Note: Children having a height of 90 Centimeters can travel free of cost.


Procedure to Start Journey


  • You must have a minimum of Rs. 50/- Balance in ZU Card before start traveling
  • Use travel guidance or map for the bus roots and stations etc
  • You must touch card at Fare Media before and after entering into the bus


What is ZU?


  • 220 Air Conditioned Buses
  • 30 Modern Bus Stations
  • Environment-Friendly Hybrid Buses
  • Chainless 360 Bicycles
  • 32 Most Modern Bicycle Stations
  • Special Corridor of 27 Kilometer Long BRT
  • A network of 5 Roots adjacent to BRT


Schedule of Buses


  • Monday to Sunday
  • 6 am to 10 pm




Mr. Imran Khan Honourable Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan & Mr. Mahmood Khan Honourable Chief Minister Khyber-Pakhtunkwa will inaugurate BRT on 13th August 2020.


Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Peshawar (Fare, ZU Card, Ticket


Bus Rapid Transit Ticket


BRT Fare Rates



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Inauguration BRT

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