Revised and Short Syllabus HSSC FBISE Islamabad

Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Islamabad has prepared the Revised and Short Syllabus HSSC FBISE for the academic session 20221. The Federal Board has introduced this syllabus for the Annual Examination 2021.


Revised and Short Syllabus HSSC FBISE Islamabad


                The Board has to do reduce the syllabus due to the spread of COVID-19 in the country and all over the world. The educational institutions (Schools/Colleges/Universities) remained closed till 15th September 2020. The main portion of the academic session passed without regular classes. The students could not attend the classes from April/May 2020 to 15-09-2020. Even they attended the online classes, yet they could not complete the required course. Many of the students even had not the facility of the internet at home. That is why these kinds of students were affected the most.

                Keeping in view the above realities, the FBISE Islamabad has to decide to reduce the syllabus. The main purpose of the same is to give the students tasks as much as they could cover up to March/April 2021. The students have only about 5 to 6 months to cover the Intermediate Course. The only solution of the same was to shorten the Couse/syllabus.  There were also rumors that the Federal Board will not reduce the syllabus for Intermediate (FA/F.Sc/I.Com). But finally, this news was false and the Board has reduced the syllabus for FA/F.Sc/I.Com, etc.

Federal Board Islamabad assigned the duty to reduce/shorten the syllabus/course to education experts. The committee worked hard day and night to facilitate the students. Finally, the team completed the task and handed over to FBISE authorities.

Now the Federal Board has sent this short/reduced syllabus to National Curriculum Council (NCC) for final approval. I shall upload the same syllabus as soon as it is approved by the NCC and shared by FBISE Islamabad.


About Syllabus Reduction: It is clarified that the subjects’ experts of FBISE held a series of meetings and discussed in detail and then reduced that syllabus keeping in view its linkage with the higher classes. It may be added that it has also been reviewed by the National Curriculum Council. Kindly one more thing may be noted please that this reduced syllabus is only for FRESH Students. Ex-students will appear from the complete (already studied) syllabus in Annual Examination 2021.


The New Short Syllabus is available Now as under:


Federal Board Intermediate Short Syllabus



Short Syllabus FBISE

Revised and Short Syllabus HSSC FBISE Islamabad

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