Hiring of School Teachers Interns (STIs) 2021 on Attendance Based

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued a Notification on 16-02-2021 in connection with the Hiring of School Teachers Interns (STIs) 2021 on Attendance Based (Daily Basis). The details of the same are as under:

Hiring of School Teachers Interns (STIs) 2021

The Performance of STIs will be monitored through COT & ITSP.

Payment of Stipend:-

                               The disbursement of stipend shall take place strictly through the bank accounts of selected candidates. Monthly Stipend will be paid according to the attendance rate.


Level Max Stipend/Day Max Stipend/Month
Higher Secondary Rs.1200 Rs.30000/-
Secondary Rs.1000 Rs.25000/-
Elementary Rs.800 Rs.20000/-
Primary Rs.720 Rs.18000/-

Monthly Stipend= (monthly Stipend of STI for a particular level + total No. of days in that month)* Number of days the STI has performed his/her duties.

Tenure of Internship:-

                        One academic session or till the arrival of regular incumbent/contract appointee, whichever is earlier. In case a new vacant saturation occurs or the internee resigns or is not willing to join, the next candidate in the merit list shall be given an opportunity to serve as internee for the remaining period of the contract with the aforementioned criteria.


Term of Internship:-


Placement shall be a purely temporary and stop-gap arrangement, which can be terminated by the Selection Committee at any time due to unsatisfactory performance.


Joining Period:-


The STI will have to assure acceptance of the Internship letter joining time to the School within 7 days after the issuance of the internship letter otherwise stands to withdraw/canceled.




Two casual leaves per month (without stipend) are entitled to STI.


No Right of Regular Placement:-


Placement shall not confer the right of regular placement nor shall such placement be regularized under any circumstances. The interns shall be entitled to only one chance and the contract should not be extended at any cost.




No TA/Da is admissible to STI.




The placement shall be non-transferable and school-specific only.


Experience Certificate.




Master Degree 10 Marks
If BS (Hons) (4 years Degree Programm After Intermediate) 65


Interview Communication Skills:

01 Mark

Pedagogical Skills:

02 Marks

Subject Knowledge

02 Marks

05 Marks
  Total 100 Marks

Marks Calculation Formula


Marks obtained / total marks* Marks allocated (up to 3digits after the decimal)




S# Step Timeline
1. Advertisement

The School Education Department will place an advertisement for the services of School Teaching interns (STIs) phase-wise on government websites, a national newspaper,s, and social media.

01st July 2021
2. Submission of Applications

Candidates will apply through the Online Teacher Recruitment System (OTRS) in the desired school / s before the closing date.

15th July 2021
3. Pre-Interview Merit List

The OTRS will generate the school-specific Pre-interview lists and merit lists for candidates will be available on the OTRS.

19th July 2021


Hiring of School Teachers Interns (STIs) 2021

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