Nomenclature of Government Servants “Officer and Official”

Office of the Accountant General Punjab has issued a Notification on 22-03-2021 in connection with Nomenclature of Government Servants “Officer and Official”. The details of the same are as under:

Nomenclature of Government Servants “Officer and Official”


Kindly refer to your letter No.FD.PC.40-80/2015 (1085/19), dated 31.01.2020, regarding the subject cited above.

The letter referred to ibid needs to the reconsidered as the contents of the letter are inconsistent with the rules and notifications issued by the Government of the Punjab Finance Department from time to time. Rule 1.28-A and 1.28-B of the Punjab Financial Rules Vol-I, define the words “Officer & Official” which in the above-referred letter dated 31.01.2020 seems to be misinterpreted due to the following reasons:


Term Officer Means


  • The term “Officer” as defined In Rule 1.28-A of Punjab Financial Rules Vol-I, clearly indicates that “Officer” means, a Govt. Servant holding a post in national pay Scales No.16 or Higher National Pay Scale. The Terms holding a post means that the officer also holds a sanctioned post of BS-16 or above, he cannot be termed as Officer as “Holding a Post” is the primary requirement for naming a government employee as officer or Official.
  • An employee getting pay of BS-16 & above cannot be termed as “Officer” only because of drawing salary in BS-16 while holding a post of BS-15 or above.


Time Scale Personal Upgradation


  • Finance Department letter bearing No.FD.PC.40-12/2017 (1284/19) dated 28.01.2020 clearly explains that Time Scale Personal Up-Gradation is a type of extension in pay Scale Like, Move Over, etc. and the allowances related to the higher post cannot be extended to the employees who are granted time scale up-gradation e.g. The senior post allowance cannot be granted to the employees of BPS-19 drawing salary in BPS-20 by dint of time Scale (copy enclosed).
  • The Grade & Pay Scales are two different categories. The Grade means a pay scale of the incumbent in which he was substantively appointed or promoted on regular basis, whereas, a Pay Scale of an employee can be different from his grade. The matter has already been explained in Rule 1.2 (2) (c) of the Civil Services Regulations (CSR) Vol-1, according to which


Grade and Functional Unit Meanings


“Grade” means ‘National scale of Pay’ in which a number of posts, in a functional unit, carrying same duties and responsibilities, is placed” and the functional unit means,

“a group of posts or a part of such group sanctioned as a separate unit in or under a department”

  1. This office is of the view that in case, an employee is awarded Selection Grade, Move Over, Time scale Personal Up-Gradation or Higher Pay Scale owing to some reasons e.g. C.M. Package (in education Deptt) and allowed to draw pay in a higher pay scale (16 and above), cannot be termed as “Office” if he is working in BS-15 or below.
  2. In view of the above, the Finance Department letter dated 31.01.2020 needs to be reviewed as it is not in line with the Punjab Financial Rules and the clarifications issued by Punjab Finance Department from time to time.

As the early response is requested, please.

This issues with the approval of the Director General (DAOs).


Special Thanks: Mr. Zahid Khan



Nomenclature of Government Servants “Officer and Official”

Clarification of Officer and Official in Punjab

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