Change in School Timings in Punjab Schools June 2021

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Last Updated on June 10, 2021 by Galaxy World

Government of the Punjab has announced the Change in School Timings in Punjab Schools during the month of June 2021. These orders are for all Public and Private schools in the province.


Change in School Timings in Punjab Schools


According to the orders, the following is the revised schedule of school timings in Punjab Government and private schools.

Starting Time: 07:00 am

Closing Time: 11:30 am


Reason to Amend the Timings

These new school timings will be implemented with immediate effect. The Government of Punjab decided so due to the extremely hot weather conditions in the province. The temperatures in many cities of Punjab reached nearly 47/48 degrees centigrade. There are also reports that many students had gone affected by the heatwave. Especially the students of lower classes cannot bear such a high temperature of the month of June.

During previous years students had holidays every year. This practice covers decades. But this year the Government decided not to give holidays to students. The reason for the same is that students had already availed holidays nearly the whole year. The Government notified the closing of all private and government schools many times.  This was so because of the COVID-19 situation in the country. Now the exams are closer. The exams were to be given in March 2021 and due to the above-mentioned reason, the Government decided to give the same in June/July 2021.



Change in School Timings in Punjab Schools June 2021

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