Approval of Reduced Syllabus /Accelerated Learning Programmes (ALPs)

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Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board has issued a Notification on 28-06-2021 in connection with Approval of Reduced Syllabus /Accelerated Learning Programmes (ALPs) for SSC and HSSC Academic Session 2020-21. These ALPs is for the elective subjects of the Secondary and Intermediate levels.

Approval of Reduced Syllabus /Accelerated Learning Programmes (ALPs)


The Competent Authority, Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board in its 81st meeting dated 19.04.2021 and 83rd meeting dated 23.06.2021 has approved the condensed syllabus/Accelerated Learning Programmes (ALPs) of the following Elective Subjects of Secondary And intermediate Levels for Academic Session 2020-21 for teaching to students in limited available time owing to COVID-19  Pandemic.


  1. Management for Better Homes IX-X
  2. Embroidery IX-X ]
  3. Child Development & Family Living IX-X
  4. Sariki XI-XII
  5. Fazil Arabic XI-XII
  6. Adeeb Arabic XI-XII
  7. Aalim Arabic-XI-XII
  8. Fazil Urdu XI-XII
  9. Adeeb Urdu XI-XII
  10. Fazil Persian XI-XII
  11. Fazil Punjabi XI-XII
  12. Adeeb Punjabi XI-XII
  13. Dental Hygiene XI-XII
  14. Pashto XI-XII
  15. Medical Laboratory Technology XI-XII


The said Accelerated Learning Programmes (ALPs) for Grades IX-X and XI-XII are also available on Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board (PCTB’s) Website for information to all stakeholders.

This notification is issued for information to all educational institutions of Punjab, Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education for papers’ for the forthcoming Secondary and Intermediate Examinations-2021.


Approval of Reduced Syllabus /Accelerated Learning Programmes (ALPs)

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