Instructions for Processing of Complaints against Civil Servants

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Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Elementary & Secondary Education has issued an office order on 22-09-2021 in connection with Instructions for Processing of Complaints against Civil Servants. The details are as under:

The following instructions be ensured at all levels will before processing complaints against civil servants/ employees of Elementary & Secondary Education:-


  • Anonymous communications must invariably be filed on their receipt. No action of any kind is to be taken on them and no practice of any kind is to be taken on their contents.
  • It is however recognized that there may be exceptional cases, when anonymous/ pseudonymous communication contains allegations of a specific nature having a ring of truth, then these may be inquired into only after obtaining the odes of competent Authority/Administrative Secretaries/Head of Attached Department as the case may be.
  • Anonymous petitions or letters should normally be filled except when definite allegations are made and concrete instances are provided.
  • If the complaint is not anonymous, and against the civil servant, the petitioner/complainant should be called to furnish an affidavit to the effect that all facts stated in his complaint are true along with relevant proof and if his affidavit/complaint is proved false, he would to face legal action under the rules/laws.
  • Antecedents and credentials of a complaint should be verified before an inquiry is instituted against the officials concerned.
  • The affidavit/complaint and proof submitted be forwarded to the competent authority for initiation of fact-finding inquiry under E&D Rules-2011 or any other disciplinary proceedings in accordance with prevailing rules/law.


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Instructions for Processing of Complaints against Civil Servants

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