Amendment Recruitment Rules of Laboratory Assistant (BPS-07)

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Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training issued a letter on 11-04-2022 in connection with Amendment Recruitment Rules of Laboratory Assistant (BPS-07).

Amendment Recruitment Rules of Laboratory Assistant Federal


With reference to Federal Directorate of Education letter No. 1-2/2021 (Admn) FDE dated 05-01-2022 on the subject cited above.  Please find enclosed herewith a copy of the Establishment Division’s O.M No. 4(39)/2021-MSW-II dated 07-04-2022. In this letter, Establishment Division conveyed that the service structure implemented in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Government as per the constitution {Article 240 (b)} is independent. There is no such, analogy that we can draw in the subject case. Furthermore, no organizational requirement/exigency of service they have found in the instant case.

                Therefore, restructuring/up-gradation of the post of Laboratory Assistant (BPS-07) in Islamabad Model School/Colleges under FDE is not acceded to by the Establishment Division.


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Amendment Recruitment Rules of Laboratory Assistant (BPS-07)



Right of Promotion, Upgradation or Time Scale of LAb Asstts


The Lab Assistants have the right to their upgradation, promotion, or time scale. The reason for the same is that Govt appoints the Lab Assistant in BPS-07 and throughout his/her service he/she remains in BPS-07. For nearly all other Governments’ employees, the departments promote, upgrade, or even grant time scale promotions to them. Only these Lab Assistants in many departments of the Govt have no right to promotion, up-gradation, or even time scale.



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