List of Special Stations / Big Cities for TA/DA & HRA

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I am here sharing the List of Special Stations / Big Cities for TA/DA & HRA. This list is very useful for the calculation of Daily Allowances as well as granting House Rent Allowance to the employees. The details are as under:

A List of Special Stations / Big Cities for TA/DA & House Rent Allowance


In most of these cities, the Federal Government employees also get House Rent Allowance @ 45% of the initial of Basic Pay Scales 2018 plus a 50% increase HRA in 2017. While in other cities, the Federal Government employees are getting 30% HRA of the Basic Pay Scales 2017 plus a 50% increase.

Special Stations Capital City


Special Stations in Sindh




Special Stations in Punjab


DG Khan








Special Stations in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa


Northern Areas

Special Stations in AJ&K


Mirpur AJ&K


Federal Government declared Rawalakot and Mirpur as Big cities with effect from 1st July 2017.

Special Stations in Balochistan




All other cities except the above-mentioned cities are ordinary cities. In Northern Areas, the employees get Special Rates of Daily Allowance however the employees in these areas get 30% House Rent Allowance plus a 50% increase in HRA in 2017.

Difference of Daily Allowance in Special Cities and Ordinary Cities

In Special cities, the employees get special city rates of daily allowance while in other cities the employees get ordinary rates of Daily Allowance. The government revised the daily allowance rates in 2017 after that there occurred no revision in DA rates. The chart of rate of Special Rates and Ordinary Rates of Daily Allowance is as under:


Basic pay Scale No Ordinary Rates (in Rupees) Special Rates (in Rupees)
BPS-01 to BPS-04 496/- 800/-
BPS-05 to BPS-11 624/- 880/-
BPS-12 to BPS-16 1120/- 1440/-
BPS-17 to BPS-18 2000/- 2560/-
BPS-19 to BPS-20 2480/- 3280/-
BPS-21 2800/- 4000/-
BPS-22 2800/- 4800/-

List of Special Stations / Big Cities for TA/DA & HRA

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