Notification Reduction of Speed Limits at Motorways

The Motorway Authorities have issued information for the public regarding the Reduction of Speed Limits at Motorways. This step has been taken to avoid accidents and save journeys on motorways. The details are as under:

New Table of Reduction of Speed Limits at Motorways


Vehicle Type Previous New
HTV 110 Km/h 80 Km/h
LTV 120 Km/h 100 Km/h

Motorway Section Where New Speed Limits Will Apply


Motorway Section From To New Speed Limits for Part
M – 2 Lahore – Islamabad Motorway Thokkar Niaz Baig to Rawal Toll Plaza
M – 4 Pindi Bhattian – Multan Motorway Pindi Bhatian to Multan
M – 11 Lahore – Sialkot Motorway Lahore to Sumbrial
M – 14 Hakka – Dera Ismail Khan Motorway Hakka to Yark

To avoid accidents, please follow the traffic rules. You can follow/can get help from the following:


  • National Highways & Motorway Official
  • Call 130
  • FM 95


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Notification Reduction of Speed Limits at Motorways


Motorways Where No Speed Limit Reduced


National Highways & Motorway Police has clarified that there is no speed reduction at the following Motorways:


Sr. No Motorway Name Motorway Section
1 M-1 Motorway Islamabad to Peshawar
2 M-2 Motorway Islamabad to Ravi Toll Plaza
3 M-3 Motorway Lahore to Abdul Hakim
4 M-5 Motorway Multan Sukkur
5 M-9 Motorway Hyderabad to Karachi
6 E-35 Hazara Expressway Burhan to Thah Kot
7 SEW Sawat Expressway Col Sher Khan to Chakdara


At these motorways sections, the speed limit is as under:


  • LTV = 120 KM per Hour
  • HTV = 110 KM per Hour


No Reduced Speed Motorway

Usage of Motorways Rows


It is a good step of the Motorways Authorities to save the accidents and lives of the people. The Pindi Bhattian to Multan is a two-row motorway. There should have to implement speed reduction limits. In these two rows, HTV and LTV vehicles mostly use the outermost row. While in three-row motorways there are separate rows for LTVs and HTVs. The outermost row is for Heavy Traffic Vehicles while the Middle Row is for Light Traffic Vehicles. The innermost row is the express row and is usually used to cross the Middle row traffic.


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