Crack Down against Food Adulteration | Food Authority Helpline

Punjab Food Authority launched Food Authority Helpline and begins to crack down against the Food Adulterants as per instructions by the Chief Minister of Punjab,  Ch Pervez Elahi. As food adulteration is increasing day by day.

Food Authority Helpline


Punjab Food Authority launched the Food Authority Helpline for complaints. People are using illegal methods to gain profit. Food Adulteration has become very common. It causes diseases. A great number of patients suffer from diseases caused by food adulteration.  It is the need of today to strictly encounter food Adulterants to save the population from after effects. In this concern, CM Punjab Ch Pervez Elahi has guided the Food Authority department to deal with such Mafia strictly. Food Authority  Department is taking necessary measures and steps to attain the goal.


Food Authority Helpline1223


Steps were taken by Food Authority  Department


  • Food Authority has started Mobile and Bike Squad to reach the location of any Adulterant.
  • The helpline number 1223 is allotted for the service of Mobile Lab or Bike Squad. The citizens can call on the number if any food adulteration is suspected anywhere.
  • Free milk testing service is being provided by Food Authority at the entry points of the cities. Which has controlled milk adulteration to a great limit.
  • Food Adulterants are being fined highly or banned.



If you find any kind of food adulteration around you, use the helpline 1223 to inform the team. It is our social responsibility to help the Food Authority to eradicate such Food adulteration Mafia.


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Crack Down against Food Adulteration | Food Authority Helpline

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