Proposal for Revision Charge Allowance for Administrative and Teaching Posts

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Directorate of Public Instructions (SE) Punjab issued a letter on 07-12-2022 in connection with the Proposal for Revision Charge Allowance for Administrative and Teaching Posts. The details are as under:

Proposal for Revision Charge Allowance for Administrative and Teaching Posts


It is submitted that the Government of the Punjab, School Education Department granted Charge Allowance for the administrative posts vide No. SO(SE-III) 2-16/2007 dated 29-10-2009 (Annex-A). The table is as under:


Sr. No Name of the posts Rate per month
1 Assistant Education Officer (AEO) Rs. 1,000/-
2 Deputy District Education Officer (Dy. DEO) Rs. 1,500/-
3 District Education Officer (DEO) Rs. 2,000/-
4 EDO (Education) Rs. 3,000/-
5 Divisional Director Rs. 5,000/-
6 DPI Rs. 6,000/-

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CA for Head Teachers


Similarly, the Head Teachers of public schools were granted Charge Allowance by the Government of the Punjab SED vide letter of dated 29-10-2009. The table of the same is also as under:


Sr. No Name of the posts Rate per month
1 Head Teacher (Primary) Rs. 500/-
2 Head Teacher (Elementary) Rs. 700/-
3 Principal Rs. 1500/-
4 Head Teacher (Secondary) Rs. 1200/-

The Assistant Education Officers (AEOs) of the School Education Department were granted Inspection Allowance of Rs. 25,000/- per month subject to verifiable Key Performance Indicators developed by School Education Department vide orders dated 15-01-2008.

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department vide No. FD.PR.6-6/2006 (Pt-II) dated 21-09-2022 granted approval for Rescue Risk Allowance 2022 equal to one-month initial basic pay per month with effect from 9th Sep 2022 to all Rescue Staff of Punjab Emergency Service Department. Similarly Government of the Punjab Finance Department

Vide letter dated 27-10-2022 granted inspection allowance @ one-month initial basic pay to the officers of the inspectorate of Treasuries and Accounts with effect from 20-10-2022.



Proposal for Revision Charge Allowance for Administrative and Teaching Post


Charge Allowance 2022 proposal Punjab



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Proposed Revised Rates of Charge Allowance & Teaching Allowance


Sr no  Post Name Scale District Proposed Revised Rate (RPM)



Officers working




(Director Public Instruction SE/EE), Punjab, Lahore. 80,000/-
2 Officer working BS-20 (Additional Director Public Instruction SE/EE,


Punjab, Lahore, Directors o/o of DPI(SE/EE). Punjab, Lahore, Principals & Divisional

Directors SE/EE) in Punjab.


3 Officer Working BS-19 (CEOS (DEA), DEOS, Principals & Additional Divisional Directors SS/EE) in Punjab. 50,000/-
4 Officer Working BS-18 (Dy. DEOS, Sr. Headmasters & Sr Headmistress) in Punjab 40,000/-
5 Officer Working BS-17 (Headmasters, Headmistress, & Assistant

Directors) in Punjab

6 Head Teacher   – Elementary/Community Model Schools in the Punjab Head Teacher of Primary Schools in Punjab. 15,000/-
7 Head Teacher   – The primary schools in Punjab. 10,000/-
8 Teaching Allowance   –       – 10,000/-
  • It is an admitted fact that the burning and increasing trend of high prices of all things makes it very difficult for employees to survive. The public sector administrative staff is striving for its level best to uplift the standard of quality education. There is no attractive incentive like a utility allowance that boosts up the level of motivation and improves the performance of staff.
  • Now, in order to facilitate our staff and to improve their performance, the need of the current era is to enhance their Charge Allowance. In this regard, the following proposal regarding the enhancement of Charge Allowance is submitted for perusal and approval.

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