Rescue Risk Allowance 2022 Punjab Equal to One Basic Pay

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Government of the Punjab, Finance Department issued a Notification on 21-09-2022 in connection with Rescue Risk Allowance 2022 Punjab Equal to One Basic Pay.  All employees of the Punjab Emergency Service Department will get this allowance with effect from 9th September 2022.  These employees will get the initial basic pay of the Revised Pay Scales 2022.

Rescue Risk Allowance 2022 Punjab

In pursuance of the approval of the Standing Committee of the cabinet on Finance & Department, the Government of Punjab is pleased to grant Rescue risk Allowance equal to one initial basic pay per month w.e.f. 09.09.2022 to all rescue Staff of the Punjab Emergency Service Department.

Conditions for RRA 1122


  1. The said Allowances will not be admissible to the following officers/ Officials:-


  • Officers/Officials under suspension.
  • Officers/Officials whome department has made OSDs.
  • Those Who are to report to the Punjab Emergency service Department on the charges of inefficiency/misconduct or indiscipline
  • When Officer/Officials is on leave for 90 days & above, extraordinary leave, study leave, or training abroad.
  • Those who are not working in the Punjab Emergency Service department.
  • The referred allowance will not be counted towards pension and commutation/gratuity.



  • As per the above conditions, the employees who are on Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL) without pay will not get this allowance.
  • The employees on training abroad and on more than 90 days’ leaves are not eligible for this Rescue 1122 Risk Allowance 2022.
  • The employees who are not presently working in PESD, are also not eligible for the said allowance.
  • At the time of retirement etc, while calculation of pension and commute; we shall not include this allowance for the purpose of pension pr gratuity etc.
  • Officers or Officials whom Department has suspended due to certain reasons will also not get this allowance.


Special Thanks: Mr. Muddassir Abbas


Rescue Risk Allowance 2022 Punjab Equal to One Basic Pay 1122

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