Public Holidays 2023 Punjab including Optional Holidays

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Government of the Punjab, Services and General Administration Department (Section Welfare-I) issued a Notification on 16-01-2023 in connection with Public Holidays 2023 Punjab including Optional Holidays for various occasions.


List of Public Holidays 2023 Punjab Province including Optional Holidays


The list of public and optional holidays in 2023 consists of the following three kinds of holidays:


  • Public Holidays
  • Optional Holidays
  • Bank Holidays



As Federal Government has already announced the Public and Optional Holidays 2023 in Pakistan and Punjab Government has also followed the Federal Govt. The list of Public Holidays in Punjab consists of 11 numbers. Like the previous year this year, most of the public holidays are falling on other days rather than Sundays.  In 2022 public holidays most of the holidays fell on Saturdays or Sundays.


Punjab Government issues the schedule for Public and Optional Holidays in Punjab in 2023. The dates and days have been mentioned for public and Optional Holidays separately. The Details of Public and Optional Holidays in 2023 declared by the Government of Punjab are given under.


The schedule for Public and Optional Holidays


The schedule for Public and Optional Holidays falling in 2023 is here. The following Public and Optional Holidays are declared by the Government of Punjab.  These holidays shall be observed in the Offices under the Administrative control of the Government of Punjab during the year 2023.


Public Holidays 2023


Public Holidays in Punjab during the Calendar year 2023 are as follows:


Sr. No. Name of Occasion Days Dates During the Year 2023
01 Kashmir Day Sunday 5th February  2023
02 Pakistan Day Thursday 23rd March 2023
03 Eid-ul-Fitr

(1st Shawal 1444 A.H.)




22nd April 2023

23rd April 2023

24th April 2023

04 Labour Day Monday 25th April 2023
05 Eid-ul-Azha

(10th Zilhaj 1444 A.H.)




29th June 2023

30th June 2023

1st July 2023

06 Ashura

(9th &10th Muharram 1445 A.H.)



27th July 2023

28th July 2023

07 Independence Day Monday 14th August 2023
08 Eid Milad-un-Nabi

(12TH Rabi-ul-Awal)

Thursday 28th September 2023
09 Allama Iqbal Day 9th November 2023
10 Quaid-e-Azam Day/


25th December 2023
11 Day After Christmas Tuesday 26th December 2023

(For Christians Only)


Optional Holidays 2023 Punjab


The optional holidays in Punjab in the year 2023 are mentioned below:


Sr. No. Name of Occasion Days Dates During the Year 2023
01 New Year Day Sunday 1st January 2023
02 Basant Punchami Thursday 26th January 2023
03 Shivaratri Saturday 18th February 2023
04 Shab-e-Meraj

(27th Rajjab 1444 A.H.)

Saturday 18th February 2023
05 Holi Monday 6th March 2023
06 Dulhandi Tuesday 7th March 2023
07 Shab-e-Barat

(15th Shaban 1444 A.H.)

Wednesday 8th March 2023
08 Good Friday Friday 7th April 2023
09 Easter/ Day after Easter Sunday Monday 10th April 2023
10 Baisakhi Friday 14th April 2023
11 Eid-E-Rizwan (Bahali’s Community Only) Friday 21st April 2023
12 Buddha Purnima Friday 7th July 2023
13 Nauroze (Parsi’s New Year Day) Wednesday 16th August 2023
14 Birth of Lord Zoroarster (Khordad Sal) Monday 2qst August 2023
15 Chehlum

(20th Safar 1445 A.H.)

Wednesday 6th September 2023
16 Janam Ashtami Thursday 7th September 2023
17 Durga Puja Monday 23rd October 2023
18 Dussehra Tuesday 24th October 2023
19 Giyarvee Shareef

(11th Rabi-us-Sani 1445. A.H.)

Friday 27th October 2023
20 Birthday of Guru Valmik Sawami Jee Saturday 28th October 2023
21 Diwali Sunday 12th November 2023
22 Giru Nanak Sev Jee Birthday Monday 27th November 2023




In the case of Muslim Festivals, The dates of Holidays are based on anticipated dates and we are subject to the appearance of the Moon for which a separate notification will be issued. There may change some dates due to the appearance of the moon as the Islamic month changes.


Public Holidays 2023 Punjab


The optional holidays are not for all public. These may relate to some sects, religions, and occasional levels. These holidays may be for Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, etc.

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