Notification of Revised Passport Delivery Time

Government of Pakistan, Directorate General, Immigration & Passports (Headquarters) issued a Notification on 03-02-2023 in connection with Revised Passport Delivery Time. The details are as under:

Revised Passport Delivery Time


Directorate General, Immigration and Passports shares revised Delivery timing of Passports. As you know, these days most people are, going abroad for earning a little more to live a happy life. The young generation who don’t find suitable jobs, so they look forward to flying outside the country and earning. Due to this, the number of applications for passports is increasing day by day.


New Timing for Delivery of Passport


The Timing of Delivery of the passport is changed. The Directorate General,  Immigration and Passports issues a revised timing schedule for the Delivery of the passport.  There are three categories of passport applications regarding to timing, Normal, Urgent, and Fast Track.  The timing for all these three categories is different. The new Delivery Timing as per circular is as follows.


Approved Delivery Timing of Passport


Passport Delivery Time
Application Category Delivery Time
Normal 21 working Days
Urgent 7 Working  Days
Fast Track 4 Working Day

As per the new schedule,  the Normal passport will be ready within 21 working days. Whereas, if applicants apply for an urgent Passport.  It will be ready within 7 working days. In the case of Fast Track applications, the Passport is available within 4 days only. The passport fee is also different in regard to all three application categories.

The Directorate General also suggests placing the new delivery timing on notice boards of all regional and Executive passport offices.

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Notification of Revised Passport delivery Time

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