Hamraz Mental Health App and Integrated Helpline 1166 by Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health services initiate a mobile application regarding the mental health of people under the rules and regulations Government of Pakistan naming Hamraz Mental Health App and Integrated Helpline 1166 the Ministry of Health.

This facility is initiated to help the citizens about improving their mental health positively. Psychological health is very important for every individual. Some mentally unhealthy people do crimes. For a healthy society Government starts this Application.


Ministry of Health Hamraz Mental Health App and Integrated Helpline 1166



The government of Pakistan is going to Launch a mobile application regarding the improvement of the mental health of the people of Pakistan. The application is known as Humraaz. This application will allow users to make appointments with the best psychiatrist and psychologist. With the consultation of these experts’ people will be able to share their mental issues stress and anxiety. Turn it on the consultants will give the best suggestions for the improvement of the mental health of people. these suggestions will be related to the reduction of all the psychiatric and psychological issues faced by the people. It is a mental health app and a mental health website, a call-free assistance for everyone.


Mental Health Improvising Mobile Application

And the Society of Pakistan’s mental health issues is at an alarming stage. To improvise the mental health of the people of Pakistan government is offering a mobile application with full confidential records of individuals. Previously in the case of mental health issues, people were not able to contact the experts easily. They always hesitate to share their mental issues or psychological issues with anyone. To support people psychologically government is going to introduce a free mobile application “Humraaz” and a free helpline  “1166 “ number on which people can share their problems and issues with the experts.


Need of Humraaz app/Benefits of Hamraaz App


There is a need to develop good behavior at a young age to prevent people from falling prey to mental health issues at a later stage in life. Introducing the Humraaz app is a great initiative by the Government of Pakistan. The main reason to launch this app is to:


  1. Reduce negative thinking/anxiety/stress of people.
  2. To provide counseling and Advises on mental issues of people.
  3. People can access the authorities in case of an emergency or when they will feel any anxiety/distress or psychiatric issue.
  4. Providing a chatbot
  5. facility or psychotherapy
  6. 24-hour contact with the experienced psychologist.
  7. people can book appointments with the consultant /Psychologist.
  8. Providing international standards of psychiatry.
  9. Providing online facility or contact with experts on WhatsApp.
  10. All the information of people will be confidential


Registration Of Psychologists And Psychiatrists


To be a part of this program or this initiative the experts in psychiatry and psychological issues can register themselves through the website provided by the government http://humraaz.nhsrc.gov.pk.

Experts can also register themselves by sending their CVs to the given e-mail address [email protected]


Availability Of The Humraaz Application


This application is available on the Google Play store and Apple Play store. people can download it from both Places.


Method To Get Consultations With Experts


All people having psychological issues or poor mental health can contact the experts by calling the integrated helpline number 1166.


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Hamraz Mental Health App and Integrated Helpline 1166 by Ministry of Health

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