Updates of Regularization of Teachers wef Date of Initial Appointment in Sindh

Government of Sindh, School Education & Literacy Department issued a Notification on 21-07-2023 in connection with the Request for Regularization of Teachers of Various Categories From The Date Of Initial Appointment. The details are as under:


SED – Updates of Regularization of Teachers wef Date of Initial Appointment in Sindh

The Government of Sindh school education and literacy department issues a notification to the secretary to the Government of Sindh Finance Department Karachi. In the letter the department requests for the regularization of teachers of various categories from the date of their initial appointment. During the recruitment process, the department appoints various teachers on a contract basis for different years. Government completes this recruitment process with the help of third parties like:


  1. IBA (2002),
  2. IQRA University (2006),
  3. Sindh University (2010),
  4. NTS (2013 & 2018).


As the government regularizes these teachers through the regularization act. The contract teachers are regularized with effect from the date of commencement as envisaged in the recruitment act. So the representatives of the teachers association request to regularize these teachers from the initial date of appointment.

Regularization of Contract Teachers for The Purpose of Seniority


The representatives of the Teacher’s Association also demand that the regularization of contract teachers must relate to their date of initial appointment. As it is necessary for the purpose of:


  1. Seniority
  2. Length of the Service
  3. Retirement
  4. Pensionary benefits


The regularization will help all the teachers in this regard. They also assure that they will not demand back financial benefits.


Consideration of Proposal Regarding Regularization of Contractual Teachers


The finance department also requests to consider the proposal regarding the regularization of contract teachers. It requests to consider the date of the initial appointment for regularization. It may implement with effect from the date of their initial appointment on humanitarian grounds.

If the government recruits these teachers on the basis of the recruitment act. Then it must regularize the contract teachers or employees on the basis of a section of the recruitment act regarding regularization. Government must consider the initial appointment date for the regularization of these teachers.



Updates of Regularization of Teachers wef Date of Initial Appointment in Sindh

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