Modification in Punjab Public Service Commission Advertisement No.14/2020 & No.36/2020

Punjab Public Service Commission Advertisement Modification issued for Ad No., 14/2023. The Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore publishes advertisements regarding vacant positions of accountants. It makes some modifications in the advertisement published in the dailies The Nation and the Express on 28th June 2020 with the closing date of 13th July 2020.


Punjab Public Service Commission Advertisement No.14/2020 & 36/2020 Modification


  • Advertisement No.14/2020
  • No.36/2020


PPSC publishes new advertisements after some modifications in the previous one. It modifies the total number of vacancies basis on different quotas.  As in the previous advertisement, there were 76 total vacancies on open merit. The Administrative Department after the Enforcement of the Punjab Local Government Act 2013 makes amendments to different quotas. This major post is vacant in the Punjab local government and community development department. interested candidates can apply for the post of Accountant BPS-14.


Detail of Posts


Previously the department announces the vacancies of this post on open merit. After modifications now it invites applications of eligible male /female/ disabled and minority community individuals to apply.


Sr.No Name of Post Number of previous requisite posts Number of posts after decreasing Open merit Quota Women Quota Special Persons Minority Quota
1. Accountant BPS-14 76 43 24 05 04

For further information and details, interested candidates can visit the official website of PPSC.


Modification in Punjab Public Service Commission Advertisement No.14 2020



Modification in PPSC Ad No.36/2020


PPSC advertises major vacancies in the dailies Express and The Nation on 10th December 2020 with the closing date of 28th December 2020. At that time, it wants to hire suitable candidates in the local Government and Community Development Department. As the department reserves the right to increase or decrease the total number of seats as per the need of the department. After modification in the total number of seats, it advertises it again after referring to different quotas.


Table of Vacancies


Sr.No Name of Post Previous Vacancies No. of Posts after Decreasing   Open Merit Women Quota Special Person Quota Minority Quota
1. Chief Officer /Deputy Chief Officer /Municipal Officer/Tehsil Officer Regulation /Directors 15 01 01 0 0 0
2. Chief Officer/Municipal Officer /Tehsil Officer /Administrative Officers/Assistant Directors 34 34 25 05 02 02
3. Municipal Officer (finance) and DMO Finance /Tehsil Officer Finance /Directors 09 0 0 0 0 0
4. Tehsil Officer Planning /DMO Planning/ AMO Planning 66 21 07 11 02 01
5. Municipal Officer Finance 53 18 11 05 01 01
6. Tehsil Officer Architect URE/Municipal Officer Architect TRUE /AMO Architect URE 76 42 36 03 01 04


For all these posts other conditions remain the same. For further details and information, candidates can visit the official websites of PPSC.



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Modification in Punjab Public Service Commission Advertisement No.36/2020

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