Establishment of E-Khidmat / E-Service Center in Quetta Balochistan

Govt of Baloshotan established the E-Khidmat / E-Service Center in Quetta Balochistan. The government of Balochistan announces innovative projects for the welfare of Balochistan residents. The government of Balochistan introduced the E-Khidmat center in Quetta. It was initiated in order to provide all basic facilities under one roof. The government always wants transparency proficiency and simplification of application procedures and all processes for the citizens. In order to extend access and to reduce the distance to provide all facilities government of Balochistan introduced an E-service center in Quetta for the unserved citizens of Pakistan.


Facilities Under E-Service Center in Quetta Balochistan


It is very convenient for all the people to get major services under one roof. It is also helpful for the provincial government to lighten the workload on the district departments. These are the benefits of E-Service Centers:


  1. Computerization of all revenue department matters.
  2. Land digitization.
  3. Transfer of land ownership.
  4. Easy to pay the registration fee for the Department of Excise Duty and Taxation.
  5. Special desks for Police Department matters.
  6. Matters related to Metropolitan like birth certificates/ character certificates and other important documentation.
  7. Introducing special desks for the NADRA and Federal Board of Revenue.

At the initial stage of the E-Service center, 4 provincial important departments are providing their services to the people of Pakistan. Citizens will get maximum services in one place. It is easy and convenient for them to solve their relevant matters of related departments.  Digitization and computerization in different departmental services help people in many ways.

For further information and services, anyone can contact the opposite girl’s cadet college Spini Road Quetta from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


Benefits and Advantages of E-Khidmat /E-Service Center


  1. Citizens can get all the services of four major departments under one roof.
  2. It will improve the internal efficiency of departments due to a reduction in the workload.
  3. The center will provide the maximum transaction time.
  4. It offers new or latest services to adopt excellent practices and values of modernization.
  5. This will help the people to get services in minimum time.
  6. It also helps to support maximum Citizens in less time.
  7. It makes the work easy for the citizens like documentation.


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Establishment of E-Khidmat or E-Service Center in Quetta

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