Latest PPSC Government Vacancies September 2023

The Latest PPSC BPS-11 to BPS-18 Vacancies Ad No. 16 / 2023 has been issued by the Punjab Public Service Commission. These PPSC jobs are in the health department, Board of Revenue and Anti-Corruption. I am sharing the Latest PPSC Government Vacancies for September 2023. The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) announces new vacancies in the Government of Punjab. It invites applications from eligible candidates. A number of posts are available in different departments of the Government of Punjab. The appointment for these vacancies shall be on a contract & as well as a permanent basis. Here are the Department details of the posts.


PPSC BPS-11 to BPS-18 Vacancies Ad No. 16 / 2023


The vacancies available in the Punjab Employees Social Security (PESS) Department are as follows:


Sr. No. Name of Posts Scale No. of Post Nature of Post
01 Consultant Medical Specialist BPS-18 09 Contract Basis for 3 years
02 Consultant Cardiologist BPS-18 08 -do-
03 Consultant Neuro physician


BPS-18 04 -do-
04 Paediatric Surgeon BPS-18 02 -do-
05 Consultant Oncologist BPS-18 02 -do-
06 Consultant Surgeon BPS-18 09 -do-
07 Consultant

Orthopaedic Surgeon

BPS-18 04 -do-
08 Consultant Urologist BPS-18 02 -do-
09 Training Coordinator BPS-17 01
10 Programme Coordinator BPS-17 01
11 IT Coordinator BPS-17 01
12 Environment Health &Safety Officer (HS&SO) BPS-17 02

PPSC Jobs in Different Departments of Punjab Government


PPSC announces the following  posts  in different Department of the Punjab Government:-


Sr. No. Name of Posts Scale No. of Post Nature of Post Department
01 Manager Social Section BPS-17 01 On a contract basis for 3 years School Education Department
02 Auditor BPS-1 8 02 Regular Board of Revenue Punjab
03 Statistical Officer BPS-17 14 On a contract basis for 5 years Planning & Development
04 Junior Clerk BPS-11 On a Contract Basis for 5 Years Anti-Corruption Establishment,  Sahiwal region

Closing Date of Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs Ad No. 16


The closing date for these vacancies is 04 October 2023. Candidates can apply till the Closing date only.


How to Apply for PPSC Vacancies in the Government of Punjab?


Candidates can visit the website of the Punjab Public Service Commission ( to apply for online vacancies.  There are more details available on the Website about these vacancies.  Candidates should carefully read all terms and conditions before applying.


There are also the latest Punjab Social Protection Authority vacancies for job seekers. These jobs are also in Punjab Punjab. The candidates may apply for these career opportunities.

Latest PPSC Government Vacancies September 2023


PPSC BPS-11 to BPS-18 Vacancies Ad No. 16 / 2023

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