Applications for Educational Scholarships for 2023-24 Minority Students

The government of Pakistan, Ministerial Religious Affairs, and Interfaith Harmony have issued the ad for Applications for Educational Scholarships for 2023-24 Minority Students. This ad is about scholarships for minority students. There should be harmony among people of different religions living in the same country. Although Pakistan is a Muslim country its population is not totally Muslim. Our flag shows that’s white portion of it indicates non-Muslim. Of course, they are part of our country and have Pakistani nationality. Being Pakistani they have also rights regarding their education, health, and other basic facility. This adds is providing educational scholarships for them.

Call for Applications for Educational Scholarships for 2023-24 Minority Students

  • This opportunity is only for non-Muslims. Muslims can’t apply for it.
  • Candidates should have passed his/her previous exams just one year before with 50% marks.
  • The monthly income of their guardians or parents should not be more than 64000 PKR.
  • All those minority candidates who have admitted bank accounts would be able to fill form online.

Required Documents

  • A computerized number and a copy of the application form attested by the Head of the Institution which is complete in all respects.
  • Attested copies of Marks Sheet/DMC/Progress Report of previous annual examination.

(Note: In the case of the semester system, students must attach attested copies of mark sheets of the last two semesters. Copy of Valuation Sheet is mandatory in case of GPA system.)

  • Original income certificate of father/guardian.
  • Attested copy of Student’s National Identity Card/B Form
  • Guide to Major Heads and Institutions (University/Colleges).
  • The head of the institution should ensure the correct financial position of the student’s parent/guardian before signing the income certificate.
  • All the details of the concerned students will be verified by the head of the educational institution.
  • Students receiving financial aid or scholarships etc from any other source will not be eligible.
  • Students from private institutions will not be eligible to apply.
  • Students can apply online within 30 days of the publication of the advertisement. The online application form is available on the website of this ministry at


Important Notice


  • Only an online application is possible otherwise the application will not be accepted.
  • All instructions should be followed strictly.


There are also scholarships for deserving non-muslim students that the Punjab government will grant.



Applications for Educational Scholarships for 2023-24 Minority Students

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