Happy Independence Day to All the Pakistanis

I, Shumaila Kamal with the core of my heart, wish Happy Independence Day 14th August to all the Govt Employees of Pakistan as well as all the other Pakistanis. I also pray for their success in every field of life and wish them they progress by leaps and bounds.  

All the Pakistanis must have to burn midnight oil for the betterment of Pakistan as Pakistan has given much to them. All they have today is due to Pakistan. We must celebrate the Independence Day with zeal and zest. May Pakistan long live!



  1. Naveed says:

    Lahore High Court told vacation extended due to floods is this right news?

  2. Syed Saghir Ali says:

    Same to u

  3. ROHAN says:

    same to you sis and your all team members.

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