List of Chronic Diseases Expenses to be reimbursed at OPD for Federal Govt Employees

According to Finance Division Notification No. F.6(1)R-10/2010-171-2011 dated 24-03-2011, In partial modification of this Division's O.Ms.No.l(l)lmp/2010-622 and No.F.IG(1)Reg-6/2010-778 both of dated 5'h July, 2010 regarding the subject mentioned above, the undersigned is directed to state that it has been decided in consultation with Ministry of Health that serving/retired civil employees of the Federal Government or member of his/her family, suffering from the following chronic diseases, will be entitled for reimbursement of amount spent on account of purchase of medicines for the medical treatment at OPD:

  1. Chronic Pulmonary-Cardiovascular and Circulatory Disorders.
  2. Tumours, Malignancies, Cancer and Chronic Blood Disorders (Thallasaemias etc).
  3. Chronic Hepato-Renal Disorders, Organ Failure, Dialysis and Transplants
  4. Chronic Neuro-Psychiatric Diseases, Neuropathies, Epilepsy, Paralysis.
  5. Chronic Inflammatory-Infectious diseases (Rhematoid Arthritis, Hepatitis, TB, Tetanus etc).
  6. Chronic Endocrine Disorder (Diabetes/Goiter Pancreatitis etc)
  7. Chronic Degenerative Disorders.
  8. Poisoning, Dog and Snake Bite.,
  9. Drug Abuse, STD, HIVIAIDS, VHF.
  10. Chronic Skin Diseases, Allergies - Chronic Connective Tissue and Auto Immune Disorders.
  11. Injuries including Orthopedics, Burns, Gunshot, Blast and Head Injuries.
  12. Day Surgery (Obstetric-Gynae Disorders, Deliveries, Cataract and Eye/ENT day procedures).
  13. Shock, Cardiogenic Shock, Stroke and Electrolyte Disorders.
  14. Treatment for Eye, ENT and Disabilities/Handicaps.
  15. Dental treatment.


Medical Charges

Medical Charges 2



  1. Talha Mahmood says:

    My father is a retired Federal Government Employee. He is suffering from paralysis attack. I am also a federal government servant. Can I apply the reimbursement claim from my department. Please guide.

  2. Muhammad Qaiser Hayat says:

    Assalam o Alaikum.

    Dear seniors,

    please guide me about re-imbursement of hearing aid items ie. Unitron Quantum ITE for federal government servants.

  3. Omar says:

    Shumaila, there's a similar notification by the Punjab government regarding medical reimbursement for pensioners. kindly upload and provide the web link. I have searched for it since long but could not find it anywhere over the internet.

    So many Punjab government pensioners can benefit from it. Kindly also provide the medical reimbursement procedure, if possible.

  4. Kashif Ejaz says:

    Aoa, my mother is diabatic/hypertention patient which is under the choronical category and required regular medicin for long life, my question is that what is the procedure to apply for reimbursement because it is not possible to visit OPD everytime, is this policy is applicable on private hospital/clinic too or not, please elaborate the procedure.

  5. BuKHaRI says:


    I know Shumaila sister tht V r Civil employees of an attached department and paid from Civil Estimates, have right to avail Medical Reimbursement (in my case the whole medical expenses are claimed due to the case of emergency)

    But as far as our Organization is concerned, there is monopoly over there of Naval Personnel.. They don't facilitate us or want to give the basic rights. what is the status, to whom V should approach. They are saying to bring any MEDICAL Reimbursement case as an example. To which department should i concern for such type of case. I want to help him because that time can come on Any1 of us. May Allah Bless U.

    Can Any1 Help me out of the situation. My colleague is heavily debted due to all the Loans.

    Thnx in advance.

  6. BUKHARI says:

    Name: Ali Bukhari
    Designation: UDC
    BPS 09
    Department Pakistan Maritime Security Agency
    Email Address
    Ur Issue: Our organisation is attached department of Federal Govt. In our organization our UDCs are serving since decades i.e. since 23-24 years but without any promotion.
    What is the status of our UDCs as whenever any of us write and approach our seniors for the promotions they always say that there is no additional Billet in our organization than how can we be promoted...
    How secure is our employee in this concern (by any law to claim for all this)... ????
    How much our organization is liable for creating additional billets for our promotion ????

    Can any1 help us out ?

  7. BUKHARI says:

    Pls kindly do tell me wht is the actual Reimbursement stands for ? The whole amount spent on Treatment, Medicine, and wht does the 3rd para is abt?
    Actually the case is Genuine .. We all employees are entitled in PN hospitals for treatment. My colleague wz told at his' wife Last week pregnancy that His Featal ECHO can't be done at PNS SHIFA, as Featus ECHO facility is not available over there. He went to Agha Khan thr After performing this test they put his wife in emergency operation theatre and there he was blessed with a baby Boy but his condition was critical az he had multiple issues and remain on Ventilator thr for a week but couldn't survive, his amount arise for the said period abt 5 lacs. Our Audit Officer said Reimbursement means Reimbursement of the whole amount Govt has no issue for the amount' volume.
    Kindly do help me on humanitarian grounds.

    • Dear Bhukhari just read the article of "How to claim medical reimbursement" that is available at mine site. I think it will clear u all the situation.

      • Bukhari says:

        Ma'm it is not clear by this Notification that Employee can claim for Reimbursement of WHOLE MEDICAL EXPENSES in case of Emergency .. Kindly do the needful...

  8. malik says:

    Dear shumaila...The charges on account of illness will be reimbursed on the recommendations of authorized meducal officer or otherwise a patiebt can visit any dictor abd submit the bill for reimbursement. Plz clarify

  9. Rizwan says:

    Madam what is latest information on implementation of Islamabad High Court order about payment of 20% special allowance to all Federal govt Employees. order not implemented yet ?

    • Dear Rizwan, filhal koi updates nahin hain. Suna hay case abhi bhi court main hay.

    • BUKHARI says:

      Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) here on Wednesday, while hearing a contempt of court petition, directed the Finance Division and Ministry of Finance to issue a notification for 20% special allowance for all federal government employees.

      The judge directed the respondents to submit a copy of the notification before the court by September 30.

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