Increase Pay and Allowances Budget 2023-24 Employees Request

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I am sharing the Request to Increase Pay and Allowances Budget 2023-24 Employees Request of Government Employees on behalf of all employees of Pakistan. Federal Government is announcing the budget on 9th June 2023. The employees of all categories request the Government to enhance their salary /pay in the coming budget 2023-24. The employees are the most affected ones by the dearness. Their salaries Government did not increase since the previous year. In the meantime, we see that there is a hike in the prices of the daily use items by nearly 70%.

The Request of the Employees to Increase Pay and Allowances / Pension Budget 2023-24 Employees Request


All employees want to increase their salaries and different allowances.  As inflation is increasing day by day all the employees are worried as their expenses are more than their income.  They are demanding an increase of a certain percentage in Salaries as well as in important basic allowances. Some of the demands of the employees are as under:


  1. Increase Medical Allowances – Minimum 5000/- per month
  2. Increase House Rent Allowance by @45% of the initial of the Revised Basic Pay Scales 2022
  3. Increase Conveyance Allowance – Minimum 8000/- for BPS-01 to BPS-15 and 15,000/- for BPS-16 and above
  4. Increase Salaries by 100%
  5. Provision of Executive Allowance @150% to all Employees
  6. Pension Increase
  7. Regularization of Contract Employees


 Request to increase by 200% Medical Allowance


All the government employees are requesting the government of Pakistan to increase their medical allowance by almost 200%.  As they have to pay for the medical fee of doctors and medicines not only for personal treatment as well as for the treatment of their family members.  All these medical expenses are out of reach of their pocket.  They cannot afford these expenses with such a small amount of medical allowance.  So, in order to assist the government employee’s government should increase the medical allowances as per the demand of employees.



Increase Pay and Allowances of Government Employees Budget 2023-24 Pakistan


 Increase Conveyance Allowance by @200%


In the protest, government employees also demand to increase the conveyance allowance by approximately 200%. The demand of the government employees is genuine as they all are suffering from the high petrol rates.  All those employees who use private conveyance cannot afford the fare charges of the local conveyance.

And others who possessed their personal vehicles have to make expenses for not only petrol consumption but for wear and tear of the vehicle.  So, for that reason, all government employees request through the government to increase the air conveyance allowance up to 200%.


House Rent Allowance @ 200%


Another important request of the government employees is to increase the House Rent Allowance in Budget up to 200%. With all other allowances, the amount of this allowance is not satisfactory.  As the actual rental payment of the rental houses is much higher than the house rent allowance.  Therefore, they all requested to government to increase their house rental allowance according to the federal government.

Request to Fix the Wage of Labour @Rs.50,000/- PM


With the increase in the salaries and allowances of Government servants.  It is also the biggest request to the government of Pakistan to increase the wage of the Labour Minimum of Rs. 50,000. As the rising inflation rate also affects this community too. They also need the financial assistance of the government to survive in the society.


Enhancement Pension of the Pensioners @100%


As the Ministry of Finance is doing the announcement of the annual financial budget for 2023-24 of the country on 9th June 2023.  All the retired government officers /officials request the government of Pakistan to increase their pensions also. They requested to increase their pensions to almost a minimum of Rs. 50,000/- per month.


Increase in the Medical Allowance of the Pensioners @200%


All retired government employees also need medical treatments for all the diseases they are facing.  Not only for regular checkups but for the specific diseases they have to pay for their treatments and medicines.  The cost of these medicines and treatments is high.  Inflation raises the cost of medical treatments and the prices of medicine. For that reason, all the pensioners request the government to increase their medical allowance up to 200%.


Pay the Payment of Group Life Insurance with Profit


All the regular and retired government employees also request the government of Pakistan to pay the amount of group life insurance with profit.


Regularization of Contract Employees/Daily Wage Servants


 All the contract employees who are still waiting for their regularization appeal to the government with the other government employees.  All the contract employees demand to make their appointment on a regular basis. Adhoc and daily wage servants are also included in this for the regularization of their appointment. Because they all are fit for regularization and performing their duties according to the demands of their posts.

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6 thoughts on “Increase Pay and Allowances Budget 2023-24 Employees Request

  1. AoA All.
    The voice of all those Federal Govt Employees, who are the most effected personnel by price hikes and inflation, is
    a reasonable increase in salaries and allowances including Pension as compare to present dearness rate. Budget Committee / Reps please keep in mind the 300% plus dearness / inflation while increasing the salaries / pension.

    With Regards

    (A Poor Govt Employee)

  2. Yes I am also spenting retiring life from defence insititute. It is very difficult to manage in thevexisting pension amount. However I am requesting the GOP to increase 30% pension on the exisiting pension drawing.

  3. Sir special conveyance allce for disabled persons of federal govt employees may please be increased from 2000 to 6000 as per Punjab govt employees, please.

  4. The pensioners are a silent minority and suffer the most after retirement especially in situations prevailing now in the country. They can neither protest nor raise their voice from any forum. Moreover they become senior citizens after retirement.

    The government must realize that these retirees still hold the right to vote. Their pensions and other allowances must be increased at par with the serving government employees. I request your paper to raise this issue appropriately.


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