Notification of Minimum Wages in Sindh 2014 for Industrial Commercial/Adult Un-Skilled and Juvenile Workers

Sindh Employees Social Security Institution, SITE (EAST) Directorate has issued Notification No. SS/SED/CONT/2014-2015/2182 dated 22-12-2014 in connection with Notification of Minimum Wages in Sindh 2014 for Industrial Commercial/Adult Un-Skilled and Juvenile Workers.

As per Notification issued by Govt of Sindh Vide No. MWB/R&S/US/1(1)88-2014 dated 04-12-2014, the Govt of Sindh has enhanced the Minimum Wages of Adult Unskilled & Juvenile Workers in all Industrial/Commercial Establishments in Sindh from Rs. 10,000/- per month to Rs. 12,000/- per month with effect from 1st July 2014.


S.No Category of Worker Recommended minimum rates of wages
Per Day Per Month
1 Adult, Unskilled workers employed in Industrial/Commercial Undertakings in the Province of SIndh Rs.461.54 Rs. 12,000/-
2 Juvenile workers employed in Industrial/Commercial Undertakings Rs.461.54 Rs. 12,000/-


It is further added that it is mandatory upon an employer of a registered establishment to get registered all insurable workers/employees in SESSI Scheme. But it has been observed that you have not got issued Social Security Cards (R-5) of all your insurable workers which is against the Social Security Ordinance 1965 and also depriving of them and their dependents for various Medical & Cash Benefits as admissible under the scheme. Furthermore, submission of contribution scheme (C-I) Form alongwith monthly payment Social Security contribution is your legal obligation.

Therefore, you are requested to please make payment of Social Security contribution accordingly and difference of payment wef 1st July 2014 alongwith ½ percent per day increases may also be made.  Special Thanks to Mr. Tanveer Jamil for sending the copy of the Notification of Minimum Wages in Sindh 2014.


Minimum Wages Sindh




  1. M Zeeshan says:

    how to register pay slip what is this & shumaila madam r u lawyer or a legal adviser .......?.

  2. M Zeeshan says:

    Assalam o Alaikum i am zeeshan working as a Hr officer in textile mills i need a labour dept notification not SESSI our GM ask for labour dept notification & auditor not ask to increase salary/wages. solution ......?

  3. aqib hussain says:

    Thax for share knowledge if u have any notification abouth industry in sindh

    wages notification so plz send me email

  4. aqib hussain says:

    Assalam o ali kum madam notification ane k bawjod hamari company 12000 ni de rahi wo khe rahe hai k eik aur notification aye ga to milega bare mherbani rhnomai kare aur mujhe mail me jawab de jazakhallah

  5. Muhammad Kamran says:


    Can you please provide link to the notification of govt. of sindh # mwb/r&s/us/1(1)/88-2014.

    we had also receive the notification from sessi but want to review the notification of gov.

  6. tariq ahmad shabbir says:

    20% allowance ka jo case court main chal raha tha aap nay bataya tha keh oss ki next date 22/01/2015 hay jo guzar chuki iss baray main kia updates hain please tell me ..

  7. Sajid Khan says:

    Respected madam.I have receie my pay slip December 2015 via email.thsnx a lot for guidance.

  8. Tanzeela says:

    Aoa. How are you? Madam I had registered for my monthly salary pay slip a few days earlier. Still I am unable to recieve my pay slip. Kindly guide me when it will be available to me. Also guide me that whether it will be sent on my email adress or I have to download by some other way?

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