25% Enhance of Technical Allowance to Shed Staff Railways

Headquarter Office Railways Lahore has issued letter No. 561-E/161/RMI (APO-IV) dated 27-07-2015 in connection with 25% Enhance of Technical Allowance to Shed Staff Railways.

Ministry of Railways letter of dated 27-07-2015 has communicated the provisional approval of the competent authority regarding the subject proposal. It is further intimated that subject has been referred to Finance Division vide O.M of even number dated 27-07-2015 for seeking concurrence of the same as per section 12(b) & (e) of the Rules of Business 1973.

The proposal of grant of 25% Technical Allowance to Shed Staff on the recommendations of committee i.e starting of the relevant Basic Pay Scales was forwarded to Ministry of Railways for approval of competent authority  vide this office of even number dated 11-07-2015. The categories of Shed Staff are as under:

  1. Senior Mechanic BS-09
  2. Mechanic (30%)  BS-07
  3. Mechanic (70%)  BS-06
  4. Junior Mechanic (30%)  BS-05
  5. Junior Mechanic (70%)  BS-04
  6. Senior Electrician BS-09
  7. Electrician (30%) BS-07
  8. Electrician (70%) BS-06
  9. Junior Electrician (30%) BS-05
  10. Junior Electrician (70%) BS-04


This issues with the approval of the Chief Executive Officer/Sr.G.M.

Special Thanks to Mr. Ahmad Raja for sending the copy of the letter of 25% Enhance of Technical Allowance to Shed Staff Railways.


Enhancement Technical Allowance Railways




  1. zia ur rehman says:

    wo to ap ki baat thek hai lakin us ny experience certificate previous department ka lagaya hai aur may be us ny departmental permission certificate bhe lagaya ho to phr us ka kiya hosakta hai agr koi esy documents hai to plz ap mujhy is py email karyain to ap ki mehrabni hogi.


    thanks again.

  2. zia ur rehman says:

    Mam Shumaila,
    main simple yh kehna chah raha hoon k ek employee jo already 17 sacale main service kr raha hai aur who dobara through proper channel kiya 17 scale ki job main appoint ho sakta hai k nhe. agr who through proper channel bhe apply na kary to kiya phr bhe dobara appoint ho sakta hai k nhe agr yes or no plz provide me some letters or documents against that letter.
    reply please.

  3. zia ur rehman says:

    Mam Shumaila,
    it is requested to you please give me the detail of one problem,
    any employee who is already working in 17 scale although he or she apply or does not apply the same scale in federal govt to province, or province to federal govt, or federal govt to federal govt. (although through proper channel or direct) if yes or no please give me the related information so be remain thankful to you.

    zia ur rehman

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