Important Notification Regarding Assistant, Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Cashier, Caretaker & Transport Assistant

Government of the Punjab, Services & General Administration Department has issued Notification No. SOR-III(S&GAD)1-10/2004 dated 02-11-2009 in connection with pay scale of Assistant, Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Cashier, Caretaker & Transport Assistant.

In exercise of the powers conferred on him under section 23 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act 1974 (VIII of 1974) the Governor of the Punjab is pleased to direct that in Punjab Secretariat (Ministerial Posts) Service Rules, 1982, the following further amendments shall be made:


In the Punjab Secretariat (Ministerial Posts) Service Rules, 1982 in the schedule at SR. No. 5 “Assistant” for the entries in Column No.3, the following shall be substituted:


“Assistant/Accountant/Assistant Accountant/Cashier/Caretaker/Transport Assistant (BPS-14)”


Your Turn:

Now it is your turn to send related material & Comment and Clarify the matter of up-gradation of these above mentioned posts.

Note: The copy of the “Punjab Secretariat (Ministerial Posts) Service Rules, 1982” is also required to further clarify the matter.


Important Notification Regarding Assistant




  1. Muhammad Hassan says:

    Respected madam and Members,
    if any one has the Notification Regarding the up gradation of the post of Accountant from BPS-14 to BPS-16 which clearly indicate that the Accountant/Assistant/Care taker are upgraded from BPS-14 to BPS-16 please share it with all the members

  2. Waseem says:

    What is difference between account assistant and assistant accountant and accounts clerk and assistant cum accountant

  3. abdul rauf says:

    dear friends salam
    i requires service structure for accounts assistant BPS-16 or promotion channal

  4. abdul rauf says:

    health department me accounts assistant ka service structure agar hi to batoooo

  5. Hafiz Wasiq Azim says:

    I am working as Care Taker in BPS-9 since 2009. Am i eligible for Upgradation to BPS-14?

  6. Hafiz Wasiq Azim says:

    Respected Mam, I ma working as CARE TAKER (BPS-9) since 2009. Am i eligible for upgradation?

  7. Naeem Mirza (0333-6374827) says:

    Respected Mam, A.o.A, your precious services for employees are praise able. ALLAH bless you & your well-wishers.
    Through"PPSC" I was selected as Director Phy-Edu (BPS:16) in 1992, (Technical education wing) posted at Govt College of Technology Bahawalpur and then awarded BS:17 personal on the basis of MA. physical Education. In spite of strong justifications&efforts, to get service structure, we are disappointed and hopeless now. (1) Pl. guide me that i can fulfill/apply regarding the notification of up-gradation upto BS;5-16 (04-01-2016). (2) Humbly requested to help me in this regard and allow me to contact you, to brief the case history. Thanks


    Dear madam, will you please inform about the up gradation regarding the post of Stenographer from BS-14 to BS-16. In this context it is informed that " when the post of Head Clerk was lying in BS-11 the Stenographer was in BS-12, and Junior Clerk was in BS 05 and the Senior clerk was in BS 07, but now Head clerk BS 16 Senior Clerk BS 14 and Junior Clerk BS 11 while the post of stenographer is BS 14. I am working on the same post without any promotion w.e.f 1995. if you feel that the post of Stenographer should be upgraded or not??? and please update the current situation about this.

  9. Ghulam Haider says:

    Hello dear colleagues i a Ghulam Haider and working as junior accountant BS 8 at THQ. Hospital Chichawatni District Sahiwal it is to request to APCA that there is no promotion channel for the up-gradation or promotion of said post (Junior Accountant) is found yet because said post is of BS 8 since its creation while the post of Junior Clerk has gone from BS 5 to BS 7 etc. Non up-gradation of post of (Junior Accountant) is very miserable situation for the employees working in said post just like me

    • qasim ali khan says:

      i am qasim ali khan from THQ Hospital Ahmedpureast Dist:Bahawalpur working as Junior Accountant BS 08 from 2009 promoted

  10. imran says:

    i am Accountant BPS-10 Health department since 2005,
    My post is eligible up gradation for the same notification S&GAD 2009

  11. M.Imran Akram says:

    Dear Asghar plz contact me email address

  12. Muhammad Asghar says:

    I am Cashier in BPS-7 (Muhammad Asghar S/O Muhammad Aslam at Multan Institute of Cardiology, Multan. Whether my post is eligible with up-gradation of clerical staff Because my eligibility is D.Com with accounts but a post of Accounts Clerk in BPS -7 (Name: Ehsan Ahmed S/O Khan Muhammad) has been upgraded here with same eligibility (D.Com with Accounts). Please clear this ambiguity in service rule 2003 another point that a Junior Clerk elgibility is (Matric)?

  13. Hhh says:

    Punjab ma Caretaker ki kab upgradation Ho gee?

  14. M.ILYAS M.ILYAS says:

    Whether the post of cashier BS-14 fall in upgrdation like Assistant BS-16 Govt of Punjab should clarify this imbiguity?

  15. Mumtaz Larik says:

    Same notification government of sindh
    Share plz.

  16. sher dil khan says:

    please replay my comment.

  17. sher dil khan says:

    whats means by this our post (Account Assistant - BPS-11 is upgraded in 2016.

  18. Muhammad Imran says:

    Miss. Kindly share rule or notification in which Assistant post bifurcate. and status of Statistical Assistant in this matter. I come to know that S&Gad only sanction post is Assistant and further department use and change name for requirement.

  19. Adnan says:

    sir is ratification say Auditor aur audit Assistant ko fada ho ga ho bee Bs-14 may ha

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