Salary of Private School Teacher

Office of the Chief Executive Officer District Education Authority Toba Tek Singh has issued Notification on 01-01-2019 in connection with Salary of Private School Teacher. Detail is as under:

                It has come to the notice of the undersigned that some private schools paid low salary to their teachers. The teacher salary of private school must be paid at least Rs. 12000/- per month as per standing rules of the state otherwise necessary action will be initiated against the defaulters of private schools.

                You are directed to ensure that compliance of above said order in all Privately Managed School in the District Toba Tek Singh under intimation to this office. In case of noncompliance the list of defaulter be sent to this office within ten days to proceed further in the matter.

I have already shared the detail of salary of newly appointed employee in 2018 for the information of the employees concerned.

Salary of Private School Teacher

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