Notification of Grant of Advance Increments on Acquiring Higher Technical Qualification

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Government of the Pakistan finance Division (Regulation Wing) Islamabad has issued Notification No. F.No.1(6)Imp/2000(Pt-II)-699 dated 21st July 2014 in connection with Grant of Advance Increments on Acquiring Higher Technical Qualification.

The references of the following are given in this Notification:

  • Finance Division’s Clarification made to Auditor General of Pakistan vide letter No. F.1(48)Imp/94-1141 dated 22-01-1997. Copy attached)
  • In pursuance of the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s order passed in Civil Petition No. 1409 of 2011 and FST’s order dated 15th June 2011 passed in appeal No. 59(R) CS/2011.

With reference to the above, it has been decided that the advance increments allowed under the following Notifications:

  • Finance Division’s O.M No. F.1/7/Imp-II/87 dated 01-07-1987 read with O.M No. F.1(12)-Imp-II/91 dated 29-06-1991.

The Advance Increments are admissible prior to 01-12-2001 on acquiring/possessing higher technical as well as non-technical qualification irrespective of the fact whether the employee concerned is employed against a technical post or a non-technical post.

This decision will be effective with effect from the date of the Advance Increments were allowed.


Advance Increments Technical



According to the letter No. F.1(48)Imp/94-1141 dated 22-01-1997, I am directed to refer to your letter No.241/Reg-I/Adv.Inc/24-94/C/Vol-I dated 24-11-1996 on the subject cited above and to inform that the officials (BPS-11) who possessing or acquiring of Associate Engineer Diploma are entitled to Advance Increments on possessing/acquiring B.Tech (Hons), B.Sc (Engg) or M.Sc (Engg) in the relevant technology.


Advance Increment Technical




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104 thoughts on “Notification of Grant of Advance Increments on Acquiring Higher Technical Qualification

  1. I have promoted to the post of cost accountant (BS-18) as a result of the creation of the separate cadre along with other officers. Since I have acquired the ACMA qualification in the year 2008 while other officers who are in my cadre but does not posses this ICMAP qualification. Can I claim the advance increments for the reason that I posses additional qualification for the post of Cost Accountant which other officers belong to my cadre does not posses.

  2. Dear Maam,
    I am appointed as assistant professor in Federal govt college, my appointment letter says that ” appointed with 6 advanced increments but my audit officer says it’s not applicable, because he has some notification of federal government of Pakistan which government has band the advanced increments but he didn’t show me any notification in this regard.
    I have 18 years of education, I passed my masters in 2003,

    please guide me, i need your help

  3. Dear Madam Asslamoalakum
    I hope you are in good health. Mam i want to know some info that is My friend was complete his graduation in 2000 but he was appointed in Jan 2004 so can he claim an increment or otherwise ?
    I shall be very thankful for your kind reply.

  4. Pls tell me how much number of increments are admissible on acquiring Technical qualification as B.Tech (Hons) 4 years after D.A.E. while acquiring qualification before 2000.

  5. Muhammad Shahid Hafeez · Edit

    Dear Madam,I appair in BA, secion supply 2001, and passed the Exam and result declared on May,2002. Can I Apply Advance internment w.e.from 01-12-2001 from the date of discontinuation.

  6. Dear madam ma 27 9 2001 ma matric base pa appoient hoa or ma na two years technical diploma draftsman civil 1996 ma kia mujy advanc incriminates mil sakti ha

  7. AOA
    Dear Madam
    I have worked as UDC in Income tax deptt. I have passed my BSC & MSC in 1989 and 19.12.1997 I have availed 04 qualification increments on the basis of above. Later On I was appointed as Auditor BS-14 in Sales Tax Deptt w.e.f 28.06.1999 through proper channel. Basic qualification for Auditor was BA/BSC. Since qualification increments are attached to post and my post has been changed from UDC to Auditor therefore Can I avail two advance increment of MSc against required BA/BSc qualification of Auditor

  8. Respected madam i done but i got a job junior clerk in education works department sindh hyd will you please guide me that can i take educational incriments or not?

  9. Dear Sister

    I am Government employee. I Joined services as a LDC in the year 1980. I have passed LL.B examination in the year 1989. I was allowed 4 advance increment on the basis on B.A , either I am eligible for further 2 advance increment on attending/passing LL.B . according to Finance Division LL.B is equal to M.A,MSC, . Kindly help me in the matter

  10. i did my llb in year 2016 and now i m working as stenographer (bps-16) in punjab judiciary department in can i avail this increment on the basis of law graduate.

  11. Respected Mam,
    I joined the Drugs Court Faisalabad in 1999 BPS-12 (FA qualification) . I passed the LL.B. exams in 1998.Advance increments were discontinued in 2001. I joined the Sessions Court in 2002 (BPS-16 BA qualification) Now in the light of notification No. 304/LCE/IE/VII.B.3(M) dated 08.11.2016 issued by the Honorable Lahore High Court, Lahore can apply for Advance increments. plz assist.

    Faisal Naqvi

  12. I was appointed in 2007 on Metric base in Pakistan Railways
    Now i have completed the following:
    Intermediate 2008
    Graduation 2012
    MBA in 2016
    Should i applied for Educational Increment?

  13. Miss Shumaila. I am working as Personal Secretary to Judge High Court. I have done law graduation/LL.B in 2004 when unfortunately this benefit was ordered not eligible. On my personal search, in some cases there had been granted such advance increments on LLB after 2001. Would you please confirm about any likelihood of my getting such benefit by now. my contact 03342785521

  14. Salam

    I have appointed as DEO in December 2008. Now the Qualification requirement for the post of DEO is Graduation and I have completed my MIT degree in 2016. Can I allowed for the increment? An early reply is highly appreciated.

    Shakeel Ahmad

  15. Aslam-o-Alikum

    Dear Sir,

    Please I have required Advance Increments on Higher Educations Notification O.M. No.F.1(7)/Imp-II/87 Dated: 01-07-1987 and 1(2)Imp.II/91 Dated: 29-06-1991.

    Please Help in this Regard.

  16. R/ Shumaila,
    I m working in PESCO as Line supdt: basic qualification for LS is DAE electrical, I have possessed / acquired B.Sc computer science, but PESCO authority not giving me advance increment. Plz advice in the matter


  18. Dear Madam.

    Assalam o Alaykum. I Mrs Azra Parveen (Now SST BPS 17) was at the post of TUGT BPS-14 in F G Public High School Wah Cantt . I have passed my MA examination on 12-10-1991(Marks sheet) and M. ED on 10-12-99. At that time Increments were not granted to me by department. Now I have process my case against Min of Fin letter F.No.1(6)Imp/ (Pt-II)-699 dated 21 July 2014. The department has approved 2 x Increment for M A and 3 x increment for M Ed. ( MA increment from the date of Degree year of 2000 not from Marks sheet dated i.e. 12-10-91). Please clarified that MA increments are 3 or 2 and are allowed from date of Marks sheet or Degree date as that time Punjab University itself provides degrees without any charges. Kindly advise for processing of case further.


    Mrs Azra Parveen SST
    FG Public High School No.5 Wah

  19. What is the status of M-Tech degree , wether it is equal to M-phil or not if yes plz upload notification or entitlement of advance increments for thos having the M-TECH degree

  20. Can the advance increments on possessing highe qualification be granted from any subsequent dates instead of from the date of acquiring the same/

  21. Abdul Jabbar Ghazi · Edit

    alslam o alaikum,
    I need Punjab Finance department Notification for punjab Education Department regarding Higher qualification of LL.M. Shariah and Law from International Islamic Uni Islamabad for advance increments for the period before 2005 as an equal degree to M. Phil. from UGC at that time, please.qqqq

  22. AoA! I have been promoted to the Superintendent (BPS-17) on 06-02-2016, I possess the qualification of MS(IT) 18-years of education! How can I get advance increments for my higher qualifications. Please guide and help

  23. Attaullah Noonari · Edit

    Respected Madam,
    I have joined as Senior Auditor (BS-16), on regular basis in FBR, Govt. of Pakistan. The required degree for that post was Masters/Post graduate degree in various subjects. At that time i.e before appointment I have M.Sc (Hons) degree from Agriculture University. After appointment the HEC (UGC), Islamabad issue me a equivalence certificate M.Sc(Hons) from any Agri. University equal to M.Phil.
    Now my question is that weather I am eligible for advance increments? Plz advice.

  24. I acquired higher qualification viz. BA and LLB in the year 1993 and 1995 respectively. At that point of time I was working in pay scale 7 but i did not apply for advance increments. In the year 1997 I was appointed in pay scale 17. Even if the advance increments would have been allowed in the year 1995 it would certainly have been merged in the pay of scale 17 without giving me any benefit. Can I obtain advance increments from the 1997 instead of 1993 and 1995.

  25. Khalid Saeed says:
    December 28, 2015 at 11:02 am / Reply
    Dear Shamila.
    I have joined FG service on 16-07-2001 as an Auditor Sales Tax in FBR on graduation basis. I have started Masters in English in 1999. I completed it in 2003. Later, I completed my MBA (Finance) in 2010. Am I elligible for advance increaments. Please advice

    Galaxy World says:
    December 28, 2015 at 2:57 pm / Reply
    Dear Khalid Saeed you are not eligible for advance increments as you completed your degrees after 01-12-2001.

    Dear Shumaila,

    Whether I qualify for advance increament on the basis of MBA, Finance being relating to my job.

    Moreover, as I had started my MA English very before 01.12.2001. Does it not provide a legal point before FST

  26. Dear Madam,
    Please refer to my previous day query and your reply in this regard.
    Whether I qualify for advance incement on the basis of MBA, Finace related subject to my job.
    Moreover, I had started My MA English Bebore 01.12.2001. Does it not provide me a legal point to claim it before FST

  27. Dear Shamila.
    I have joined FG service on 16-07-2001 as an Auditor Sales Tax in FBR on graduation basis. I have started Masters in English in 1999. I completed it in 2003. Later, I completed my MBA (Finance) in 2010. Am I elligible for advance increaments. Please advice

  28. as a i am working as sst in kpk since 30.09,2004.i did m ed in 2005 and master in 2015.NOW HOW I CAN GET ADVANCE INCREMENTS .IF I FILE THE CASE IN COURT IS THEIR ANY CHANCE THAT I MAY GET THESE INCREMENTS .PLZ REPELY

  29. Ao,
    I ma working in motorway police as inspector bps 16 since 7-1-2002 ( joining date ) actually my appointment letter was signed on 26 November 2001 and I cleared my medical in sep. 2001. I did my masters in 1998. As the edu. increments were discontinued in 2001 I kud not apply for this . recently I came to know about the restoration of these increments but when I contacted to our accountant , he refused to admit my point by saying that I don’t qualify for this. the basic edu for my job was graduation so I think I deserve edu inc.
    pls any body guide me what I should do . thanx masood

  30. this is a very helpful and excellent forum for proper and detailed guideline as law. nice efforts;. Hoping for best wishes. GOD bless you and your home.

  31. Respected Madam, aoa, I am working in Health Department on regular basis. in 2000-2001 I was working as stenographer BS-12. I have passed my BA in 1999-2000. Due to no proper intimation I remained unaware about the restoration of advance increments on acquiring higher qualification upto 1-12-2001 (after that date these have become discontinued). What I should do in the matter to avail the chance. Thanks

      1. Madam aoa, I discussed th matter with an auditor of DAO office, but his statement astonished me when he flatly stated that now I cannot availed the chance. My increment sanctioning authority is EDO Health Bhakkar. Can your kind honour sent sample of application for time barred claim of advance increments through my email: [email protected] (thanks a lot a for precious time).

  32. Madam I am serving in defence force and I want to rais my vois to the senior authority for including this advance increment after 2001 as well for the sake of educational race in government servents thanks

  33. AOA Respected Madam .

    me nay 1997 me job join ki us waqaat meri qualification F.Sc the 2008 me nay BSC and 2012 me MCS kia .am I eligible advance increment???

  34. ao
    i have been in job since 26 nov 2001 but we joined on 7 jan 2002 . i did masters in 1999 . am i deserve these advance increments or not pls reply

  35. Dear shumaila,
    i appointed in ministry of defense in October, 2001. advance increments were discontiued from decebmber, 2001. my post qualification at that time was FA however i was B.Com. Advance increments were not granted to me. i applied same three years ago but establishment branch replied that ‘ request was considered but not acceded to”.

    what should i do?

      1. Thanks. Establishment has not informed me about rule that why not admissible only this sentence was answered. Now i want to know that as my case has passed about 13 years. still i can claim advance increments w.e.f. october, 2011 and want to know about latest orders about advance increments whether it is applicable today or not.

        i read also this order on interent:-

        NO.FD (SR.1) 2-123 /2007
        Dated: 03-01-2009.
        The Secretary to Govt. of NWFP,
        Finance Department,
        1. All Administrative Secretaries to Government of NWFP.
        2. The Senior Member Board of Revenue, NWFP.
        3. The Secretary to Governor NWFP, Peshawar.
        4. The Secretary Provincial Assembly, NWFP
        5. All Head of attached Department in NWFP.
        6. All District Coordination Officers/Political Agents/District &
        Session Judges, NWFP.
        7. The Registrar, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar.
        8. The Chairman, NWFP Public Service Commission.
        9. The Chairman, NWFP Service Tribunal Peshawar.
        10. The Secretary Board of Revenue, Peshawar.
        I am directed to refer to this Department letter No. FD (PRC)1-1/2001,
        dated 27-10-2001 and inform that since the Scheme of Advance Increments has been
        discontinued w.e.f 01-12-2001 as the Government had given sufficient time to the
        employees to avail this benefit, if they were otherwise entitled to the same.
        Now it has been decided that those who are although entitled but have not
        availed the same facilities so far, will not be given Advance Increments in future.
        Yours Faithfully,
        Additional Secretary (Regulation)
        Endst: No. SO (SR-1) FD. Dated: 03-01-2009
        1. All Autonomous & Semi Autonomous Bodies in NWFP.
        2. The Secretary Finance Department, Govt. of the Punjab, Sindh &
        Balochistan, Lahore Karachi and Quetta.
        3. The Secretary Finance Department, Azad Govt. of the state of Jammu &
        Kashmir, Muzaffarabad.
        4. The Accountant General, NWFP, Peshawar.
        5. The Director, Local Audit, NWFP, Peshawar.
        6. All District Agency Accounts Officers in NWFP.
        7. All Section/Budget Officers in Finance Department.
        8. The Treasury Officer, Peshawar.
        9. The Private Secretary to Finance Department, Peshawar.
        10. The Private Secretary to Finance Minister, NWFP.
        Section Officer (SR-1)


  36. i m m.phil . mein ne 2009 me govt service join ki. kya ye advance increments
    mje b mil sakta he. my cell is 0304-5717372. plzz tell me now. thnxxx u very much

    1. Dear Aeila Deen, Advance Increments have been stopped wef 01-12-2001. However Increments on acquiring higher qualification of M.Phil have been in vague in Punjab and these are still only granted to SSTs.

  37. Dear Sir,

    I need a notification of central govt. regarding 17-A (if any employee who died or invalidate having two wives. which wife’s son/daughter will be entitled for the govt job….reply please.

  38. sayyed sajjad ali shah · Edit

    Dear sis.
    I m comp sc. And serving in education deptt kpk. I have done masters in the year 2000. Am I eligible for the said advance increment or not. Plz guide me. And is comp sc a higher technical qualification or not. Thanks

  39. Dear sister, I commend your work, you are doing a great job. I am serving in a Defence organization. In our factory technical workers on acquiring higher education like FA, BA etc were allowed Advance Increments but later on these increments were retrieved on the grounds that as this qualification i.e FA BA is not a higher qualification for Technical persons


    Dear shumaila kamal

    According to my opinion this notification is valid for all technical and non technical jobs and technical and non technical qualifications as well because it is clearly mentioned in this notification.”on acquiring /possessing higher technical as well as non-technical qualification irrespective of the fact whether the employee concerned is employed against a technical post or a non-technical post.”

  41. Dear is it allowed for civil employees on technical posts .I joined federal government in 2009. On B.Sc basis now I have M.phill Degree. Can i get this.

  42. Employees who are enrolled before 01-12-2001 and done higher qualification as well as 01-12-2001 are entitled for advance increments.

    1. Employees who are enrolled before 01-12-2001 and done higher qualification as well as before01-12-2001 are entitled for advance increments.

  43. “on acquiring/possessing higher technical as well as non-technical qualification irrespective of the fact whether the employee concerned is employed against a technical post or a non-technical post.”
    I have not under stood this para technical as well as non technical qualification

  44. plz tell kitni increments allowed Han agar post Ki initial requirement bachelor degree Ki ho or possessed qualification master ya MPhil ho.
    or plz tell k non technical higher qualifications pr b increments milen gi jese MBA PR b ya sirf technical such as engineering diploma etc


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