Time Scale Upgradation of Computer Operators & Supervisors (DE/DC) by FESCO

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company Limited (FESCO) has issued letter No. 2723/Admn-II dated 12-08-2015 in connection with Time Scale Upgradation of Computer Operators & Supervisors (DE/DC).

According to this letter BOD FESCO in its 140th meeting held on 15-07-2015 reconsidered and approved upgradation of Computer Operators/Supervisors (DE/DC) from BPS-16 to BPS-17.

In order to convene the Board for finalization of upgradation cases of Computer Operators & Supervisors (DE/DC) from BPS-16 to BPS-17, there requires completion of particulars of officials who are eligible for upgradation and fulfill all the pre-requisites. Special thanks to Chuhdary Ahmad for sending the copy of the letter.


Upgradation FESCO Computer Operators



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4 thoughts on “Time Scale Upgradation of Computer Operators & Supervisors (DE/DC) by FESCO

  1. Dear Madam

    Assalam O Alaikum

    I am Accounts Assistant in HESCO and i am Accounts Assistant w.e.from 31.05.1997. I have successfully passed Departmental Examination in 2004 and I come from Water Wing WAPDA to HESCO after getting N.O.C from both side and join HESCO in 11.04.2008. and getting training in HESCO for Departmental Promotion of Assistant Budget & Accounts Officer/A.O in 04.02.2011. In November 2014 a letter issued from HESCO for Time Scale Upgradation from BPS-14 to 16, but sorry to say that i full fill all formalities but they didnt consider my case as verbal statement that, you are Junior of HESCO employee, and being absorbtion you are most junior for 30% Quota. The case had in abeyance for more then 1 year and some Junior Employees of HESCO want to achieve Time Scale Upgradation. so they have completed 10 years in December 2014 and claim time scale upgradation. I am 18 year old in my Cadre as Account Assistant w.e.from 31.05.1997, and knowing well from reliable concerned that, Time Scale Upgradation not to be treated from Seniority of HESCO Employees. It has conditions of Most Senior in this cadre and passed DPE and getting training successfully then he comes in quota and sanction strength of the most Senior but they refused me. I also attached my Appeal in employee corner in private message. Please help me in this regards with rule or clarification also my appeal spreaded to the concerned responsible to resolve my problem please.

  2. Dear MADAM,
    Assalam o alikum,
    I have granted selection grade BPS-16 on 31-05-2000, I was promoted from EXAMINER(Mech) post of BPS-12 TO AFI(Mech) post of BPS-14 from 31-03-2005 and my pay was fixed in Next stage of BPS-16.Now according to notification regarding grant of premature increment on promotion with in the same scale vide No. F.11(30) R-2/2010-1180 dated 5th November 2012.I am entitled/or Not to draw premature increment in the same scale


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