Notification of Revised Project Allowance 2017 Sindh

Government of the Sindh, Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD(SR-III)5-29/2008(B) dated 21-09-2017 in connection with Notification of Revised Project Allowance 2017. Detail is as under:

I  continuation of this department`s Office Memorandum of No.FD(SR-lll)5-85/2012, dated 18 July, 2013 and with the approval of Competent Authority i.e. Chief Minister, Sindh, the Project Allowance has been revised with immediate effect as under:-

          S.No.      Basis Pay Scale Existing Project Allowance Rate Revised Project allowance Rate


1. BPS-1 to  BP-4 Rs.5,000/-per month. Rs.15,000/-per month.
2. BPS-5 to  BP-10 Rs.8,000/-per month. Rs.20,000/-per month.
3. BPS-11 to  BP-15 Rs.15,000/-per month. Rs.30,000/-per month.
4. BPS- 16 Rs25,000/-per month. Rs.40,000/-per month.
5. BPS-17 Rs.50,000/-per month. Rs.75,000/-per month.
6. BPS-18 Rs.50,000/-per month. Rs.100,000/-per month.
7. BPS-19 Rs.60,000/-per month. Rs.175,000/-per month.
BPS-20 to 22 Rs.80,000/-per month. Rs.200,000/-per month.


  1. The other terms and conditions will remain the same as contained in Addendum No.FD(SR-lll)5-85(part-file), dated 5 November, 2013 and dated Corrigendum No. .FD(SR-lll)5-85(part-file), dated 5 November, 2013.

Special thanks to Mr. Mohsin Aghari for sending the copy of the Notification of Revised Project Allowance 2017 Sindh.


Revised Project Allowance 2017 Sindh


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