Termination of Service after Few Years of Service-Decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan

I am here sharing the details of Termination of Service after Few Years of Service-Decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan for the information of the employees. Detail is as under:

Civil Petitions Nos.1701-L, 1722-L, and 1733-L of 2010, decided on 26th May, 2011.

(On appeal against the judgment, dated 22-6-2010 passed by the Punjab Service Tribunal, Lahore, in Appeals Nos.2123, 2606, 2602, 2607 and 2214 of 2009).

  • Locus poenitentiae, principal of—

—-Principal of locus poenitentiae would not arise in a situation when some benefit, was awarded to a person against declared law. (p. 1297) A

Muhammad Nadeem Srif v. lGP Punjab, Lahore 2011 SCMR 408 rel..

  • Civil service—

—-Termination of service after few years of appointment— Appointment order found to be bogus/fake/irregular—Validity—Such charge was vague, non-specific and did not show any lapse on part of employees or commission of any fraud by him or non-possessing of requisite qualification by him or his appointment to be made by an incompetent officer—Department had not found performance of employees to be unsatisfactory—Impugned order was set aside in circumstances. (PP. 1298, 1299) Impugned order was set aside in circumstances. (pp.1298, 1299) B, C & D

Muhammad Nadeem Arif v.  IGP Punjab, Lahore 2011 SCMR 408; Nazir Ahmad Panhwar. V. Government of Sindh through Chief Secretary, Sindh and others 2009 PLC (C.S.) 161 and Executive District Officer (Education) Rawalpindi v. Muhammad Younas 2007 SCMR 1834 ref.


Termination of Service after Few Years of Service

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8 thoughts on “Termination of Service after Few Years of Service-Decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan

  1. dear experts
    my contract is terminated under peeda act 2006 without personal hearing while i also submitted appeal under peeda act 2006 still no reply from department. now i am going to apply in punjab service tribunal under peeda act.
    now i have a question that am i eligible for PST or not?
    will my termination letter suspended while it is clear from peeda act 2006 that without personal hearing you cannot terminate any contractual service

  2. I was a Bank Manager in Askari Bank. A charge of harassment was leveled by a lady (third party employee) who was left the job. Allegation was to insist Ms Maha to go out of office with Ch Anwar.”

    Video and eye witnesses confirmed willful and normal departure of lady. But even then bank dismissed my service. What my forum to challenge the decision? Kindly elaborate procedure.

  3. Aoa
    Sir i was working as SST
    Now decision passed by Lahore high Court that my appointment is not according to recruitment policy. Education department issue me appointment letter stated that I am elegible candidate according to policy. Now department terminated me after 4 years.
    Sir kindly suggest me what to do now.
    Thanks very much


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