Notification Lifting Ban on Recruitments and Development Schemes

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Election Commission of Pakistan has issued Notification Lifting Ban on Recruitments and Development Schemes on 31-07-2018. Detail is as under:

No. F.2 (3)/2018-Cord. WHEREAS the Election Commission imposed ban on all type of recruitments and development schemes approved w.e.f 1st April, 2018, vide Notification No. F. 2(3)/2018-Cord dated 11th April 2018:

AND WHEREAS a notification was issued on 4th June, 2018 whereby it was directed that transfer/ postings shall be subject to prior approval of the Election Commission and postings/ transfer made between 1st June and 4th June, 2018 were cancelled:

AND WHEREAS funds of all local government institution were frozen vide Notification vide No. F. 2(3)/ 2018-Cord dated 8th June, 2018:

AND WHEREAS the Notification dated 11th April 2018 regarding ban on recruitments and development scherms was partially modified and ban on recruitment was withdrawn with a proviso that Caretaker Governments shall not make promotions, major appointments of public officials but may make acting or short term appointments in public interest:

Now when the General Elections have been held in the Country and new governments are going to be formed soon, therefore, above mentioned notifications are hereby withdrawn with immediate effect. There Caretaker Governments shall follow restrictions mentioned in section 230 (2) (e) (f) of Elections Act 2017 for their remaining period in office.

By order of the Election Commission of Pakistan.


Notification Lifting Ban on Recruitments


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