Time Scale Promotion to Officers in BPS-16 and Above Having Stagnant Posts

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification on 19-04-2019 in connection with Time Scale Promotion to Officers in BPS-16 and Above Having Stagnant Posts. Detail is as under:

1.   The officers / officials who have served for more than 10 years of services in the same scale even if they have opportunity of promotion,  but they are  not promoted due to a few number of posts in the upper tier may  be up-graded to next  scale as personal to them as one time dispensation, subject to the  condition that they possess  good/satisfactory service record.

2.       The officers in BS-16 and above having stagnant posts may also be allowed Time Scale Promotion on completion of 10 years’  satisfactory service twice in their entire service.

          Special thanks to:

Mr. Qadeer Ahmad

Mr. Zahid Khan

Mr. Naseer Hussain

Mr. Shahid Mahmood

Mr. Waheed Buttar

Mr. Afraz Hamid


Download in PDF Format Time Scale Promotion Having Promotion Channel+BS-16 and above


Time Scale Promotion to Officers in BPS-16 and Above
Time Scale Promotion to Officers in BPS-16

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8 thoughts on “Time Scale Promotion to Officers in BPS-16 and Above Having Stagnant Posts

  1. Muhammad Shahbaz Ahmad · Edit

    Anyone kindly share if there is any notification in this regard that contract period included in time scale promotion.

  2. Muhammad Shahbaz ahmad · Edit

    I was appointed on contract basis against a regular seat through PPSC in BS-17 in 2007. Afterwards in 2011 I was regularized on the same scale without any discontinuation of my service. Whether my contract period of service included for time scale promotion. I served 4 years on contract and 8 years on regular basis. According to my Pay slip issued by AG office my length of service is 12 years. Can any one guide me in this regard.

  3. Aoa!

    Brothers! I wanted to know whether the post of lecturer BPS-18 in Punjab Universities is Stagnant or not… Rule is that a lecturer in Punjab Universities stays a lecturer if he doesnt do his PhD… If he does PhD, then he is promoted to Asst. Professor after announcement of post and competing with others… Please guide…

  4. A govt servent who has served more than 19 years in same scale is not eligible for next scale.Igive the example,a teacher who served in b-14 from 1999 to 2017.punjab govt up graded the teaching scales from1-1-18.now he is in b-15.he can not enjoy the benifitof time scale inspite of his 19 years service in same scale b-14.


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