Upradation of Lahore High Court Posts 2022

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The Lahore High Court, Lahore has issued a Notification on 22-06-2022 in connection with the Upradation of Lahore High Court Posts 2022.  The Honourable Chief Justice of Lahore has upgraded the following gazetted posts with effect from 30-05-2022:

Orders of Upradation of Lahore High Court Posts 2022


Sr. No Name of Posts Existing Pay Scale No Up-graded Pay Scale No
1 Private Secretary BPS-18 BPS-19
2 Court Associate BPS-18 BPS-19
3 Personal Assistant BPS-17 BPS-18

Time Scale Personal Upgradation


In addition to that, the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court Lahore has further issued orders for the Time Scale Personal Upgradation for these cadres with effect from 30th May 2022.


Sr. No Cadre / Post Existing Time Scale Up-Graded Time Scale
1 Senior Private Secretary BPS-19 BPS-21
2 Additional Registrar (Court Secretariat) BPS-20 BPS-21
3 Senior Court Associate BPS-19 BPS-20
4 Additional Registrar (Court) BPS-20 BPS-21
5 Personal Assistant BPS-18 BPS-19
6 Senior Personal Assistant BPS-19 BPS-20
7 Additional Registrar BPS-20 BPS-21


However, the above up-gradation in TSP, as a one-time dispensation, shall not affect or modify the mandatory condition of 7 years of satisfactory service at each step, pre-requisite for the purpose of TSP/PU, in routine cases and shall remain intact as per the spirit of original Time Scale Promotion formula devised by the Honourable Administration Committee; promulgated vide orders of the dated 15-10-2015.


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Upradation of Lahore High Court Posts 2022 and TSP


Upradation of Lahore High Court Posts 2022

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