Provision of Pensionary Benefits to the Affected Families of Govt Employees Who Died during Service

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued Notification on 08-05-2019 in connection with Provision of Pensionary Benefits to the Affected Families of Govt Employees Who Died during Service. Detail is as under:

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2.    To provide financial relief to the affected families of Govt. servants who died during service is a part of social-economic vision of the Government. In many of the cases, especially in death cases, certain family members either due to lack of awareness and knowledge or lethargic and discoursing response from government offices, usually fail to get relied / financial benefits within stipulated period.

3.   This state of affairs is miserable on the part of controlling officers i.e. Headmaster, Dy. District education Officer, District Education Officers and Chief Executive Officer Offices which needs to be addressed on emergency basis. It is further noticed that retired persons and members of affected family even females, have to make frequent visits in offices for their due incentives but their cases remain pending for months.

4.  In this regard the controlling officers must personally be responsible to get prepared necessary documents / files for all due financial benefits specially for retired / deceased families and the Chief Executive Officers shall regularly monitor the progress of the cases of aggrieved / retired families. If any of the retired / aggrieved family is found deprived or facing inordinate delay, the controlling / concerned officer will be held responsible and shall be preceded under the disciplinary rules.

                BY: MR. ZAHID KHAN

Pensionary Benefits to the Affected Families

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