Clarification Time Scale Promotion Officers BPS-16 and Above Having Stagnant Posts

Office of the Accountant General Punjab, has issued letter to the Secretary Government of the Punjab, Finance Department on 17-07-2019 in connection with Clarification Time Scale Promotion Officers BPS-16 and Above Having Stagnant Posts. Detail is as under:

Kindly refer to Govt. of the Punjab, Finance Department notification No.FD.PC.40.12/2017, dated 10.07.2019, the subject cited above.

It is informed that a letter has been issued vide the above referred letter dated 10.07.2019 regarding explanation for grant of time scale promotion to officers of BS-16 and above. The Para-5 of the letter prescribes that the eligible person shall simply apply to the concerned Accountant General Punjab/District Accounts Office, as the case may be, for grant of time scale promotion and get their pay slip issued in the higher scale, w.e.f. 02.02.2019 without conducting any DPC, performance reports, disciplinary proceedings, issuance of formal under etc.

Further details are available at the copy of the letter. Special thanks to Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Ch for sending the copy of the Clarification letter of TSP Officers BPS-16 and Above Having Stagnant Posts in Punjab by Accountant General Punjab.


Time Scale Promotion Officers

Time Scale Promotion Officers BPS-16

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8 thoughts on “Clarification Time Scale Promotion Officers BPS-16 and Above Having Stagnant Posts

  1. I have been working as Assistant BPS-16 in Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Karachi (Fed Institute) and Govt of Sindh has been operating these. In this regard my question is that the seat of Administrative office has been vacant but Sindh Govt has not upgraded from BPS-16 to BPS-17.
    The Supreme Court of Pakistan has already give their decision that these institutes are property of Federal Government of Pakistan and federal government will be run these institutes. So what can i do for this vacant post of Administrative officer?

  2. Sir I am govt employee in Irrigation deptt Land Reclamation Punjab. I joined as regular on 5-5-1997 in BS-17 as Reclamation supervisor. Then i promoted to Assistant Land Reclamation Officer in BS 17+ Rs 150 S.P but my scale remained same on 23-5-2009. my total service in same scale is more than 22 year.
    Now according to timescale promotion may i get 2 consecutive up-gradation to BS-19?

  3. Sir, I am a regular employee (BS-18) of Govt of Punjab, Agri. Deptt. I spent two years (deputation period) in Federal Government, Ministry of Science & Technology as ASA (BS-18). Either this period would be included for my time scale promotion.

  4. Dear Admin,

    Please clarify;

    I have been working as a Stenographer (BPS-16) in District Judiciary, Faisalabad since 2013 and now, I have completed 05 years continuous service in the same cadre and same department. It is understood that after completing my 10 years service in District Judiciary, I will be promoted at BPS-17 as per Govt. Time Scale Promotion policy.
    My question is that if at this stage, I join another department for example “Minister of Foreign Affairs” as an “Assistant Private Secretary” which is also BPS-16, whether my previous service of 05 years will be counted in order to get Time Scale Promotion.


      1. I was apponted in depatment in 1983 andin 7 bs was up greaded 11 and in 1994 was computer oprator and in 1995 as D E O of Bs 15 and in 2017 my post is marged in to the post of Data control supervisor But i want to know fhat can i appley for time scale for my last 21 years from 1996 To 2006 and from 2006 to 2016 second upgaradition


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