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Get Your Pay Slip & Pension Slip VIA Email

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Now you can get Your Pay Slip & Pension Slip VIA Email. For this purpose you have to fill the registration form online. After filling that online form you will be able to get the pension and pay slip via email. Every month you ll get your pay slip on your email address. The detail of the same form is as under:

Detail of Email Registration Form to Get the Pay Slip via Email

All fields are required to be filled by the Government employee to register for the email salary slip. Let’s see these fields step by step. 1st go to the online form, the link of the same is as under:


Registration Form for Online Pay Slip 




SAP Personal Number:

Just type your personal salary slip number in this box. This number is mentioned in your salary slip that you get every month.

Computerized National Identity Card Number (CNIC)

Type your Computerized National Identity Card Number in this box. Don’t use dashes.

Date of Birth:

The next box is for the date of birth

. Just type your date of birth there in this box.

Email Address

Type your email address there in this box. You can also get Pay Slip on gmail if you type the gmail account.

Name of the Employee:

Type your full name as per the Computerized National Identity Card Number.


Mention from which Government you belong i.e Federal Govt, Punjab Govt, Sindh Govt, Baluchistan Govt, KPK Govt, AJK or Gilgit Baltistan.

Accounts Office:

Mention the name of your accounts office in this box.

Contact Information:

Type your cell number in this box for the contact information.

Last Step:

There are two check box at the end of this form. Just click/check them and at the end just click the “Submit” button.


Email Pay Slip


Further Updates of Online Pay Slip on gmail or others

Just go to the website of  Emp Info and fill the form as explained below to get Pay Slip on gmail or any other email ID.



Step One:

There has been made further improvements in the form filling for slip. It is so simple. Just see the picture below and fill the form accordingly.

First cell is for the Government. You should write the letters given in the form instead of full word.

Step Two:

Then enter your personal Number of the employee

Step Three:

Enter Your CNIC or Old National Identity card

Step Four:

Enter your Date of Birth

Last Step

You may now have to enter your cell number. and click the button.It is the last step



Online Pay Slip




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