5G Mobile Network in Pakistan

I share today the latest updates of 5G Mobile Network in Pakistan. 5G Technology in Pakistan is expected to launch properly soon. This will be a revolution in the filed of mobile network technology in Pakistan.


Updates of 5G Mobile Network in Pakistan


We share here the news that Zong 4G Pakistan has conducted successful Trial of 5G in Pakistan. It has become the first network to successfully test of 5G in Pakistan. I hope in 2019 there will be launched the 5G Technology in Pakistan. There are chances that Jazz/Warid, Uphone, Telenor Mobile network will also take initiative in this regard soon. In near future we see that there will be common 5G mobile network technology in Pakistan. This will be a revolution in mobile network technology. User will face no more issue in uploading or downloading data to various websites and from websites.


Zong 5G Mobile Network



What is 5G Network Technology?


It is the fifth generation internet connectivity. 5G Mobile Network technology is the latest technology to be introduced soon in Pakistan although the same technology is working since long in other developing countries. It has fastest downloading and uploading speed. You want to know how much speed has 5G mobile network. I shall explain here the full detail of the same.


Speed of 5G Network Technology


It is a high frequency mobile network. Frequency range is expected between 28 GHz to 60GHz. This is called the millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum.

The users will have a lot of bandwidth

5G network is at least 10 times faster than 4G network.

5G mobile network download speed is 20GB/sec or 20480 Mbs per second.

Its uploading speed is 10 Gb/sec or 10240 Mbs per second


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5G Mobile Network in Pakistan


Comparison of Speed of 5G with Other Networks


You can understand the comparison of 5G network technology with the example given below:


  • 3G: 1 hour, 8 minutes
  • 4G: 40 minutes
  • 4G LTE: 27 minutes
  • Gigabit LTE: 61 seconds
  • 5G: 35 seconds



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