Action against Private Schools Charging Excessive Fees

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has initiated Action against Private Schools Charging Excessive Fees. According to the policy, the private school owners can increase only 5% in fees per annum and maximum 8% with the special permission of Higher Authorities.

The department has decided to take a strict action against such private schools that are charging excess fees. DAEs have already taken action upon 356 complaints and the schools involved in illegal fee hikes have been fined up to Rs. 600,000/- (Six lac).

Special thanks to Mr. Qadeer Ahmad for sending the detail of Action against Private Schools Charging Excessive Fees.


Private Schools Charging Excessive Fees

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One thought on “Action against Private Schools Charging Excessive Fees

  1. This was need of the honor and it only happened after the continuous struggle of parents and civil society. My question is that the is there any authority who can check the ever increasing fee of Universities? Kindly intimate to whom one has to approach to intimate/complain about their ever increasing annual semester fee because the fee is touching new heights every year and parents are totally exhausted by paying their ever increase demand/hunger. Semester fee of BSCS which was about Rs. 30,000/semester has now gone to about 90,000/year, a hike of more than 300% who will check them. Kindly guide all through your this beautiful website that in case of college/university fee hike to whom people must contact with complete details like email, full adress, fax etc May Allah bless us all thanks a lot


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