Upgradation Data Entry Operators Federal Govt from BPS-12 to BPS-14

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division (Regulation Wing) has issued Notification on 17-12-2019 in connection with Upgradation Data Entry Operators Federal Govt from BPS-12 to BPS-14. Detail is as under:


Upgradation Data Entry Operators Federal Govt


The undersigned is directed to refer to the Establishment Division’s O.M.No. 8/6/2016-R-6 dated 28-08-2019 on the subject noted above and to state that in order to standardize  the pay scale of Data Entry Operators (DEOs) in the Federal  Government Departments as per NOC contained in Establishment Division’s  O.M.No. 8/6/2016-R-6 dated  on the 28-08-2019, Finance Division conveys its concurrence to the up-gradation of the post of Data Entry Operators (DEO) from BS-12 to BS-14 under the Federal Government subject to following conditions:-

  1. Amendment in Recruitment rules:-
  2. Filling up of up-gradation post in prescribed manner as per Established Division’s D.O. letter No.8/36/2000/R-I dated 21-12-2008.
  3. Financial implication on the account will be met by each Ministries/Divisions/Departments from their allocated budget 2019-20.


Special thanks to Mr. Amjad Ali, Mr. Zia ur Rehman & Mr. Israr Ahmad for sending the copy of the Notification of Upgradation of Data Entry Operators by Finance Division  from BPS-12 to BPS-14.


Upgradation Data Entry Operators Federal Govt




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17 thoughts on “Upgradation Data Entry Operators Federal Govt from BPS-12 to BPS-14

    1. My husband needs a good salary job. He is data entry operator in nova leather company. 17 years experience. Plz guide me how to apply government job. Plz plz

  1. What is the next step after this office memorandum? Is it notification for up gradation or just approval and what will be further procedure and how much time will?


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