Are You Getting Correct Amount of Pension?

I hope you are well aware of the base of correct amount of pension.  Firstly, the period of the employment and secondly how much pension emoluments you were drawing at the time of retirement.  The detail of these emoluments is available in the Last Pay certificate (LPC).

Are You Getting Correct Amount of Pension?


It is to mention here that in LPC there are some emoluments that are included in the pension and others are those which are not included in the pension. For example, House Rent Allowance (HRA) and Conveyance Allowance (CA) are not included in pension.  There are some emoluments that are included in the pension. For example if an employee retires between 1st June to 30th November, there is added a usual increment in the basic pay that is countable for pension. We also add Ardali Allowance in pension for the employees of BPS-20, 21 & 22 as well as Medical Allowance for all employees.

There are also some other allowances that were latterly included in the pension. For example, there is a “Cost Living Allowance” This allowance was granted in 1995 and was merged in the Revised Basic Pay Scales 2001. This allowance was granted to the pensioners retired prior to 01-12-2001.

After calculation general pension, we include various increases in pension. These increases vary from year to year. Some increases were abolished by the Government during various years. Nearly every year there is a increase in Pension. At present in January 2020 the following increases in pension are included in pension for the pensioners. These calculations are for those pensioners who retired or will retire between 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020.


  • Increase in Pension 2011
  • Increase in Pension 2015
  • Pension Increase 2016
  • Pension Increase 2017
  • Increase in Pension 2018
  • Pension Increase 2019
  • Medical Allowance


Pension Details in Urdu


You can read in Urdu the details of Correct Amount of Pension in URDU as given below:


Are You Getting Correct Amount of Pension

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5 thoughts on “Are You Getting Correct Amount of Pension?

  1. Dear Members...
    Can any one explain if a person is being retired from regular service and his total service on retiring age is 10 years only....
    means when he was appointed against a regular post in BPS-17, he was 50 years on attaining 60 years ogf age, he is going to rwtire...
    Is he eligible for pension or otherwise...If Yes...pls guide me how can he be.....
    I am dealing his pension case on befalf of my deptt...

  2. Assalamelaqum ..pension formula ma basic salary *length of service*7/300 ha... 7 aur 300 kis cheez ko show karte hein..please guide...i will be very thankful to you

    1. اسلام علیکم Sir I am pensioner from federal government since 1.6.2003. I retired on superannuation on 1.6.2003 and a usual increment was added just for calculation of pension. On 1.6.2015 I qualified for reatoration of my commuted pension. My circle of account falls at AGPR Quetta. On refixation of pension they withdraw the usual increment accrued on the day of my retirement. My retirement is on 1.6.2003 and I qualify for usual increment as you explain in your letter as above. Kindly guide me what should I do to regain increment and recoveries they realised on refixation my pension.


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