Notification of Further Clarification Ph.D/D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Allowance

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification of Further Clarification Ph.D/D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Allowance to those employees who have been recruited on the basis of Ph.D/D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M qualification. The detail is as under:


Further Clarification Ph.D/D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Allowance


I am directed to refer to this department’s letter No.FD.SR-I/9-21/2016, dated 22.03.2019 on the subject and to state that a question has arisen as to whether those employees who have/had been recruited on the basis of qualification of Ph.D./D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Degree, are entitled to Ph.D./D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Allowance from the date of notification of the final result by the concerned university or from 01.08.2019?

  1. The case has been examined and it is clarified that the above-referred employees are entitled for Ph.D./D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Allowance with effect from 01-08-2019, as prior to this date they were not entitled to the said allowance in the light of this department’s letter No.FD.SR-1/9-21/2016, dated 09-11-2016 and the same has been superseded vide letter No.FD.SR-1/9-21/2016, dated 22-08-2019, with effect from 01-08-2019. The other employees who do not fall in the above-referred category shall be entitled as per serial # iv of the letter No.FD.SR-1/9-21/2016, dated 22-08-2019.
  2. All administrative Secretaries / concerned are requested to ensure the implementation of the above-mentioned instructions in letter and spirit.


Further Clarification Ph.D

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6 thoughts on “Notification of Further Clarification Ph.D/D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Allowance

  1. As I am regular government servant in Medical University, Government of Sindh in Officer Grade BPS-17 and qualified MPhil in Economics in First Class by getting the said degree as duly attested & recognized by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan but whenever I applied for MPhil allowance through my department the management of the University has rejected my application by saying that any staff member or Officer can not be paid MPhil allowance except teaching staff it is our policy.
    Now, kindly suggest some seniors what should I do to get this qualification allowance.


  2. Is there necessary to verify degree from HEC or verified degree from concerned University is enough for getting m Phil allownce???? Kindly guide

  3. Govt of Punjab is granting M.Phill allowance across the board to all employees.Engineers are getting Technical allowance on the basis of 16 years professional education and M.Phill Allowance as well.I was not granted M.Phill Allowance with objection that you are getting professional allowance on the basis of 16 years education ACMA by TEVTA . Please Guide.


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