Notification of Special Orders for Private Schools Regarding Holidays, Fees and Others

Directorate of Inspection / Registration of Private Institutions Sindh, School Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sindh has issued Notification on 28-04-2020 in connection with Special Orders for Private Schools Regarding Holidays, Fees and Others. The details are as under:


Special Orders for Private Schools



  • Schools will remain to close up to 31st May 2020, only the admin office is allowed to open for collection of fees and distribution of salaries to the teachings & non-teaching staff working in their schools.
  • It is mandatory for every school to grant 20% concession in the school tuition fee of students for the months of April & May 2020 subject to payment of a fee of April and May 2020 during the same months.
  • Full salaries should be payable to the teaching and non-teaching staff of the private education institutes according to Rules. No Staff would be laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • If any School has collected a full fee for the month of April & May 2020, the concession of 20%, which is supposed to be granted in the aforesaid period, be refunded or adjusted in the fees od the coming months which the consent of the parents.
  • All hygienic / health precautions shall be observed in the school i.e. availability of hand sanitizers at the entry point and wearing mask mandatory.
  • Social distancing measures must be adopted with the minimum presence of peoples at the same time in the office.
  • Public gathering in any context is strictly banned maximum of 02 to 03 persons of the admin office of the school are allowed.
  • No student will be personally called by any school to deposit his / her fee.


By: Mr. Muhammad Bux Saleem Khaskheli


Special Orders for Private Schools

Special Orders for Private Schools Fee Holidays

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