Limited Operation of Pakistan Railways wef 20th May 2020

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PR has announced and notified Limited Operation of Pakistan Railways wef 20th May 2020 overall Pakistan. Initially Pakistan Railways will start 30 Trains to various parts of the country.  The details of the trains is as under:


Limited Operation of Pakistan Railways



Sr. NoName of TrainFromToVia
1.Khyber MailKarachiPeshawarHyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Sahiwal, Lahore, Rawalpindi
2.Awam ExpressKarachiPeshawarHyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Sahiwal, Lahore, Rawalpindi
3.Jaffer ExpressPeshawarQuettaRawalpindi, Lahore, Sahiwal, Khanewal, Rohri, Jakob Abad , Sibbi.
4.Tez GamRawalpindiKarachiLahore,  Sahiwal, Khanewal, Rohri, Hyderabad.
5.Green LineKarachiMargalaHyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Sahiwal, Lahore, Rawalpindi.
6.Pakistan ExpressKarachiRawalpindiHyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Faisalabad, Wazirabad
7.Mehr ExpressRawalpindiMultanBosal, Jand, Liyyah, Kot Addu.
8.Subaq RaftarRawalpindiLahoreLala Musa, Wazirabad
9.Islamabad ExpressRawalpindiLahoreLala Musa, Wazirabad
10.Pak BusinessKarachiLahoreHyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Sahiwal, Lahore,


11.KarakaramKarachiLahoreHyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Faisalabad, Lahore.
12.Shah Hussain ExpressKarachiLahoreHyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Faisalabad, Lahore.
13.Millat ExpressKarachiLala MusaHyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Malakwal.
14.Allama IqbalKarachiSialkotHyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Sahiwal, Lahore, Narowal.
15.Sukkur ExpressKarachiJackobabadKotri, Hyderabad, Rohri, Sukkur .

Before, Pakistan Railways announced the tentative start of Train Service wef 10th May 2020 but they failed to launch the same. But now PR has successfully initiated the train service in Pakistan. You can download the full schedule/timings of Trains in Pakistan below:


Pakistan Railways has also issued Notification on 18-05-2020 for the restoration of Train Operations in Pakistan.


By: Mr. Muhammad Bux Saleem Khaskheli 


Limited Operation of Pakistan Railways

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