State of Madina and the Salaries of their Employees

(May the feelings of our hearts be realized) Hazrat Omer R.A, the third caliph of the state of Madina, received a salary from the treasury as low as an ordinary laborer. Even though he was the caliph, he kept stones tied on his stomach all day. And first, when the salary of an ordinary laborer was increased to a certain level, then the caliph agreed to increase the salary of a caliph accordingly.

Equality Amongst all The Employees

In today’s turbulent and uncertain environment, ordinary workers are a long way off rather the government of Pakistan has increased the salaries of cabinet and parliamentarians upto 200 percent in keeping the view of the current inflation and devaluation of the rupee, while the rich cabinet does not want to increase the salaries of poor government employees or just to increase the basic salary upto as low as 10 percent. The policies should be as per the name of The Islamic Republic. On the other hand, each government has increased the salaries of specific federal government employees from 20 to 50 percent along with increased hiring separately in terms of house rent. Employees of rest of the provinces are also fall in the jurisdiction of Pakistan and are the citizens of this country, they are also employees of the institutions of this country.

Rescue 1122 Employees and Their Issues

In all of this situation, there is also an organization called Rescue 1122 whose people are at risk of road traffic accidents all the time, the risk of infectious diseases, the risk of getting trapped into the fire, drowning in a canal or flooding. History has shown that many dozens of young people had lost their lives due to drowned in water, road accidents or engulfed in fire because they have made a solemn promise and took the oath that “they will save the lives and properties of all the people regardless of races and creeds, language and colour, sects and religions and I will save them even if it means losing my life.”

                      These saviours of the people are not being given any health risk allowance like doctors and paramedicals, risk allowance like WAPDA and police, utility allowance like specific federal and secretariat employees. Only the elite are rewarded here, no one else being cared for.


Request to the Prime Minister of Pakistan


The Prime Minister of Pakistan should issue orders and look into to treat all the employees of Pakistan equally being the Head of the State. The authorities should know about the impact of inflation on the poor and low-rank employees across the country. What are the risks to their health, effects of transportation fares, treatment and medicines prices, house and accommodation charges, payments of utility bills, purchasing groceries, educational fees, and expanses of their children? No one needs to know and why they need to know? Those who had to know did not even capable of making a living in three lakh per month.

                We appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan that Government should increase salaries according to the ratio to which the value of a rupee has dropped and the prevailing inflation. The main request to the Prime Minister of Pakistan is that he should order to increase the salary in Budget 2020-21 according to the inflation.

(Saad khan)


State of Madina and the Salaries of their Employees



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