Apartments for Federal and Provincial Employees on Easy Installments

The government of Pakistan is fulfilling another promise with the public and announced Apartments for Federal and Provincial Employees on Easy Installments.  The detail of Apartments is as under:


 Apartments for Federal and Provincial Employees 2020


  • FGEHA Heights Multan Road Lahore
  • LifeStyle Residency Apartments, Baidian Road Lahore
  • Chaklala Heights, Chaklala Scheme-III Rawalpindi
  • Skyline Apartments, Main Blueward Top City 1 Near Islamabad
  • Federal Government Employees Airport Residency Malir Cantt Karachi


Salient Features of Apartments


  • Membership Fee: 100,000/- (One Lac Only)
  • 1, 2 and 3 rooms apartments
  • Booking starts with effect from 25th Aug 2020 to 30th Sep 2020
  • All facilities are available as Fast Lifts, Backup Generator, Commercial Area, Masjid, Schools, Security System and Community Club


Eligibility of Size of Apartment Pay Scale Wise


Sr. No. Basic pay scale (BPS) 18-22 16-17 10-15 1-9
1 Size of Apartment 2175 SFT 1685  SFT 1560 SFT 1215 SFT


Tentative Price of the Apartments for Govt Employees


Gross Area No. of Apartments Net Area Circulation Parking Tentative Price for FG/Provincial GOVT EMP Tentative Price for general Public
2175 SFT 96 1525 SFT 345 SFT 305 SFT Rs.11,962,500 Rs.14,137,500
1685 SFT 264 1105 SFT 275 SFT 305 SFT Rs.9,267,500 Rs.10,952,500
1560 SFT 660 920 SFT 335 SFT 305 SFT Rs.8,580,000 Rs.10,140,000
1215 SFT 456 670 SFT 240 SFT 305 SFT Rs.6,682,500 Rs.7,897,500
Total 1476


More Details about these schemes


FGEI Heights Multan Road Lahore 


Other Housing Schemes for Employees 



Apartments for Federal and Provincial Employees on Easy Installments


Houses for Employees

Residencies for Punjab Govt Employees


Payment / Chaklala Heights Installment Schedule


Note: The rates of the residencies are different for different schemes. Thus the per month installment varies from apartment to apartment. As soon as I get the details of payment for various housing schemes, I shall share.


Chaklala Heights Installment Schedule


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Housing Authority Tower

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  1. The government of Pakistan is taking this initiative with the public for the suspicious apartments for federal and provisional employees on easy installments.


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