Notification of Amendments in SCUG Service Rules 2020

The government of Sindh, Law Department has issued a Notification on 18-09-2020 in connection with Amendments in SCUG Service Rules 2020.


Amendments in SCUG Service Rules 2020 Sindh


With reference to letter No.SLGB/SCUG/AO/ENG-II/AMEND/2020/1138 dated the 12th of August 2020 on the subject noted above. And I to state that the draft amendments in the Sindh Councils Unified Grades Service Rules, 2020. That received with your letter under reference, have been examined. The following points have arisen while vetting the draft:-

  • That the post of Sub-Engineer (BS-11) in various Departments departments have upgraded to the post of Sub-Engineer (BPS-16). That is in view of the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan. The court passed in CMA No.166-K vide circular letter of the Finance Department (copy enclosed), which now needs to be mentioned as Sub-Engineer (BS-16).
  • In view of the observations at (a) above, the next promotion of the Sub-Engineer should be for the Assistant Executive Engineering (Civil)/(Electrical & Mechanical) (BS-17) instead of Assistant Engineer (BS-16). Further the ratio for promotion for B.E./B.Sc: (Engg 🙂 (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical) and B.Tech: Degrees/qualification holders should revisit. And it should a rationale in accordance with the ration prescribed in other Government Departments.
  • As regards the amendment proposed at Sr. No.4 in Juxta-position, it is pertinent to mention here that the posts in the Engineering Branch are meant for such categories of Engineers. There should be no room available for the persons who are non-Engineers. They have already reserved the quota for the Engineers who are B.E/B.Sc : /B.Tech and Diploma holders. As the posts are purely meant for Engineering Branch. As such it would not be necessary to include the amendment in rule 2(5) as proposed. (continued).


Amendments in SCUG Service Rules 2020


Amendment in Service Rules 2020

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