Notification of Upgradation of Posts of Lecturers Assistant (Ministerial Staff)

A Notification of Upgradation of Posts of Lecturers Assistant (Ministerial Staff) has been issued on 25-03-2021.  The Department has granted the sanction non-teaching posts (Grade wise, BPS-07, BPS-10, BPS-14 & BPS-16) under existing four-tier formula 3 (BS-16), 19 (BS-14), 36 (BS-10), and 42 (BS-07 of college wing lecturer assistants (Ministerial Posts) (Male & Female) in Higher Education Department during the current financial year 2020-2021.

Upgradation of Posts of Lecturers Assistant


Will the Section Officer (PC), Government of the Punjab, Finance Department, kindly refer to his UO.No.FD-PC-45-2/2003 dated 17.04.2017, on the subject cited above.

  1. I am directed to intimate that this department has re-examined/ calculated the total 3237 existing sanctioned non-teaching (Lecture Assistants) posts (Ministerial posts) in general cadre (Male & Female) grade-wise which has become 3237 instead of 2432. The requisite sanctioned orders of leftover/ newly created 805 non-teaching (lecture Assistants) posts of different colleges (Male & Female) in Punjab are hereby forwarded to your good office.


(Existing approved fixation in 2017)


Posts Under Existing FormulaCadreBS-16 (19%)BS-14 (19%)BS-10 (36%)BS-7 (42%)Total (100%)
(Vacancies as per Establishment Notifications read with re-fixation)


Posts Under Existing FormulaCadreBS-16 (19%)BS-14 (19%)BS-10 (36%)BS-7 (42%)Total (100%)

(To be fixed vacancies as per existing 4-tier formula)


Posts Under Existing FormulaCadreBS-16 (19%)BS-14 (19%)BS-10 (36%)BS-7 (42%)Total (100%)
  1. It is also initiated that 805 non-teaching posts created in 210 leftover and newly established colleges from 2017 to 2020 have been included in the aforementioned posts.
  2. In order to follow the provision of the existing 4-tier service structure formula of college Lecture Assistants (Male & Female), it is required that grade-wise distribution of total sanctioned strength of 3237 non-teaching (Lecture Assistants) posts (Ministerial Posts) In higher Education Department may be revised.
  3. It is, therefore, requested that total sanctioned strength of non-teaching (Lecture Assistants) posts (3237) in the Higher Education Department (College Wing) during the current financial year 2020-21 may be revised as per provisions of the existing 4-tier formula in vogue.


Special thanks:


  • Graduate Kahna
  • Mr. Muhammad Waseem Akhtar


Upgradation of Posts of Lecturers Assistant (Ministerial Staff)

Upgradation of Posts of Lecturers Assistant HED

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